Become An Ambassador And Spread The Word Around Digital Income

We’re bringing in Ambassadors from all over the world to promote the GoodDollar mission: deliver a digital income to all!

Now is your chance to share your passion for a blockchain-powered basic income, and do good for everyone.

Are You Our Next Ambassador?

Are you...

A true believer that the future
economy needs to change?
A crypto
Passionate about DeFi as
the next BIG thing?
A community-builder at
your core?
Stoked about free-er, fair-er
finance via blockchain

What do Ambassadors do?

Our Ambassadors are the most active (and elite) members of our community. They stand behind GoodDollar’s mission and want to add value and help grow the community by enhancing the GoodDollar brand and activities.

Content Chiefs

create content in any language that is relevant for our local users from 160 countries (and growing!)

Community Builders

initiate and grow local groups, both online and offline, to take networking to the next level.

Social influencers

drive adoption by promoting GoodDollar's social channels and moderating forum conversations

What's In It For You?

  • Be an official representative of GoodDollar in your country
  • Get all the GoodDollar merchandise you need for hosting events
  • Get early access to HQ updates, before we share the news with the masses
  • Be part of an exclusive Telegram group for Ambassadors
  • Get rewarded with bonus G$

Get Rewarded

Successfully complete our Ambassador application, and unlock a world of G$ rewards. As an official Ambassador, complete one of the actions below, document it and send your submission to [email protected] to receive bonus G$s.

Create a Youtube video
and get up to

25,000 G$

0-100 Subscribers 500 G$
100+ Subscribers 1000 G$
1000+ Subscribers 2500 G$
10K+ Subscribers 25000 G$
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Host a digital event
and get up to

5,500 G$

5+ People Attend 500 G$
10+ People Attend 1000 G$
25+ People Attend 2500 G$
50+ People Attend 5500 G$
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Write a blog article
and get up to

2,500 G$

Any Blog Post 100 G$
Tier 3 Blog Post 500 G$
Tier 2 Blog Post 1000 G$
Tier 1 Blog Post 2500 G$
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Create and moderate a
Facebook or Telegram
Group and get up to

1,000 G$

Facebook Group: 1000 G$
Telegram Group: 1000 G$
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