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Our aim is to give YOU and others easy access to free digital assets, so that together we can create a more inclusive and equitable economy.

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GoodDollar Is For You, And Everyone Else Equally

GoodDollars are digital coins with real monetary value
Anyone can join to claim their equal share of G$ coins
GoodDollar grows by network effect - be one of the first to join!!

How Are GoodDollar Coins Issued?

GoodDollar’s economic model creates a framework for generating basic
income. Using Supporters’ capital as collateral we issue and distribute
GoodDollar coins to Claimers.

How To Receive GoodDollar Coins With Value?
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Your feedback is important to our success.
Sign up and engage with our demo to secure your spot for our live launch coming later this year. Be among the first to receive G$ coins with real monetary value!

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How To Receive GoodDollar Coins With Value?

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