Committed to Changing
the Balance for Good

GoodDollar is a non-profit initiative sponsored by eToro that is determined to create a sustainable and scalable framework for bringing global universal basic income to the world through new digital asset technologies.

A Mission To Empower

Our mission is to leverage new digital
asset technologies to advance universal
basic income through increasing financial
literacy and access to digital assets.

A Global Vision

Our vision is a world where everyone
has access to basic economic assets
through building financial products
that are inclusive by design.

What Sets the GoodDollar
Global UBI Experiment Apart?

Our open UBI framework allows anyone to participate in generating
and creating basic income on a global scale

G$ coins are real digital assets with value
Anyone - from anywhere in the world - can sign up to support or claim
G$ grows by network effect - be one of the first to join!

What is the GoodDollar Protocol?

  • An open protocol and economic model to generate and finance global UBI at scale
  • G$ coin – a digital coin that is distributed as UBI and enables governance of the protocol, via the GoodDAO
  • GoodDollar Wallet – a digital wallet that allows any human to easily claim G$ as UBI

Building an Ecosystem for Global UBI Education

  • Increase global financial literacy and promote access to digital assets through our products and activities.
  • Release data, case studies, and research that advance understanding of global universal basic income.
  • Rally an ecosystem of organizations and individual supporters that are focused on mass adoption and promotion of decentralized universal basic income approaches.

Join the Global UBI Blockchain Alliance – Coming Soon!

  • The mission to advance universal basic income on a global scale is a complex and inter-disciplinary mission requiring the brightest minds and an empassioned community. We have no illusions we can do it alone.
  • The Global UBI Blockchain Alliance is the community of UBI evangelists, researchers, technologists, philanthropists and activists who are advancing delivering basic income solutions through blockchain and digital asset technology.

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