Opening the Digital Economy
to All People, Everywhere

GoodDollar Foundation is a non-profit initiative sponsored by eToro
that is determined to advance financial education, exposure
and empowerment in digital assets.

A Mission To Empower

Our mission is to leverage new digital asset
technologies to enable all people to experience,
learn, and on-ramp into digital assets, by building
products that are inclusive by design

A Global Vision

Our vision is a world where everyone
has access to basic economic assets
according to the principles of basic

The Foundation Goals

  • Improve financial education around
    digital assets
  • Release data, case studies and research that advance economic empowerment
  • Promote access to digital assets
  • Provide frameworks and tools to enable distributed basic income deployments
  • Build simple products to encourage
    mainstream adoption of digital assets
  • Develop an ecosystem of organizations and individuals who support advancing sustainable, scalable basic income frameworks


2018 h2
Project Announced
2019 h1
First Wallet POC
2019 h2
eToro Private Beta (500 users)
2020 h1
Public Beta Launch
(750 users)
2020 H2
Claimers Launch:
G$ Coin & Wallet
2021 H1
Supporters Launch:
Staking Partnerships
2021 H2
Vendor Expansions

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Companies Contributing to Advancing Global Basic Income