GoodDollar staking contracts undergo successful audit


Earlier this year, the GoodDollar protocol underwent a security upgrade to correct a critical vulnerability discovered during work on a new set of contracts. The upgrade was a success and all functionality was fully restored within a short period, with enhanced safeguards. The full audit can be seen on the next pages.

Key elements of the GoodDollar protocol have received clean bills of health, with auditing firm ImmuneBytes saying it had found no major issues with GoodDollar’s main staking contracts after a line-by-line examination.

The audit, requested by eToro, was the final step in a process designed to ensure the code and operational processes governing GoodDollar are both strong and secure following a security upgrade earlier this year. The security upgrade, which took place in February, came in response to the discovery of a critical bug by Good Dollar. The upgrade was a success, and all functionality was fully restored within a short period.

The contracts were unaffected by the bug in question, but the audit was aimed at ensuring there were no undiscovered vulnerabilities within them. 

Although the incident and the mitigation measures that followed did cause short-term disruptions to protocol functionality, we believe the work done in its wake – including the audit of the staking contracts – has made the protocol and risk management processes stronger and more secure than ever before.

The core team has also put in place a crisis management plan, which will be reviewed quarterly to ensure it captures all current risks and remedies.

Since transparency and community are central to all GoodDollar does, we wanted to share with you a summary of results from the audit.

Audit Summary

ImmuneBytes, which provides professional services on the blockchain, carried out a line-by-line audit of the protocol to ensure no undiscovered vulnerabilities remained.

The auditors found zero high severity issues in the staking contracts. High severity issues are those that require urgent redress. They did uncover one medium-severity issue – i.e. an issue that could pose a problem in the future – and recommended a fix. The audit also identified a handful of minor bugs that pose no current or future risk but would be helpful to correct.

The audit team said it believed the medium- and low-severity issues uncovered in the process could be resolved by GoodDollar developers, based on its recommendations.For more information on the audit follow up please see here.

You can check the audit here.

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