Restoring a Fair GoodDollar UBI Pool


What happened?

If you claimed your G$ today, you might have received many more than normal. Alternatively, you might have tried to claim today and not been able to.

Today the team discovered a bug that resulted in the daily G$ distribution to be 96,000 G$ per user. It might have seemed like the ultimate gift from the GoodDollar gods!

Unfortunately, the high number of G$ distributed today was a result of a calculation bug in the distribution contract. We are busily working to fix this and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

What does it mean for you? 

GoodDollar values fairness for all community members. As such, giving a fair, equal amount to all GoodDollar members is a key principle to the economy. As such, we will be asking members to voluntarily return the 96K GoodDollar amounts that they received in error.

  • The G$ funds will go back into the community UBI pool on the distribution smart contract where it will continue to be distributed and divided equally among all 100k active members, once claiming is restored.

Of course, if you’re one of the lucky few that received the 96K G$ claim today, no one can force you to return the funds. If you’ve already used your G$ to buy food, or donate to a good cause, we support that! But if you are in a position to return the funds, for the good of all in the community and in the spirit of UBI for all, on behalf of all GoodDollar community members, we ask you to do that. 

The GoodDollar community stands out for its generosity and good spirit. We are calling on the generosity of the lucky members to return the excess amount you received for the good of the GoodDollar community! In the spirit of more equality and fairness for all.

Here is how you can return the excess funds ->

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