Summary of the first GoodDollar Nigeria Twitter Space: My Crypto Journey


GUEST – ADEBAYO SEUN (@seunbayoNg)

Adebayo (Bayo) is a Developer Advocate with @spheronHq. He is the co-founder of @codeclannigeria, an ambassador with @angelhack and a web3 Advocate. He shared his amazing journey with us in the web3 ecosystem and in the panel with him were the GoodDollar Nigerian ambassadors, @stevE78846497, @EwuosoMayowa, @EwuosoOlusesi and @proz_b.

This is how the conversation went:

  1. When did you first hear about crypto? And what were your initial thoughts and feelings towards crypto?

Well, we started with just buying and holding coins, we didn’t even know what cryptocurrency was, but there was the hype and we got some coins a few years back. Never gave it much thought, we just followed the hype and that was where the journey began.

  • How did you start learning more about crypto?

I held some tokens, got to learn a bunch of crypto words, got scammed. Getting scammed while venturing into the whole crypto thing was an eye opener, because it fueled the need to learn more and do your own research, so I began to learn what Blockchain, smart contracts, tokens etc  were and every other thing that accompanies them, initially in a bid not to get scammed.

  • How did you get into a web3 career?

First of all, I want to clarify what exactly web 3 is. We have gone through the era of web1, and almost everyone on this call may not have been active in the era of web1, which featured static web pages. We all are most familiar with web2, because that is where we currently are at. What the internet largely is now is mostly web2 involving developers and designers and a bunch of other people. Web3 however has a lot of confusion, crypto is not web3, NFTs is not web3, other terms are not web3, web3 is everything that involves decentralization and all the terms used in cryptocurrency happen to fall into it. In web3, no one has complete charge over your data, like financial or government institutions do, or even some platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Web3 is opening a crypto wallet without having to submit any of your personal details and being able to send money without any central transaction hub. Web3 is flexibility and it is a great improvement on web2. I am a developer, and co-founder of codeclan Nigeria, and being a developer, entering into web3 was natural for me.

  • Do you have any advice for anyone new to this space, or looking for a job in web3?

People say that web3 is difficult and that they do not know where to start. That was the same way people felt when the transition from web1 to web2 began, confused, but they had to start somewhere. Pick a niche, if you are a designer, design to suite the web3 space, if you are a developer, upgrade your developer skills to suit the space, if you a moderator, moderate web3, just start and everything else will flow from there

  • How do you think crypto and web3 will benefit our community and country as a whole?

Imagine being able to send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere, without the conventional network delays and restrictions. Web3 is freedom. It makes life easier and more comfortable, and it protects you from privacy theft amongst other benefits.

  • What mistakes have you made in your journey that listeners can avoid?

Learn and research as much as you can, and do not be afraid to start. Get your hands dirty.

  • What are the relevant skillsets needed for thriving in the web3 space?

Like I said before, web3 is a lot of things, designs, development, moderation, marketing etc. Pick a niche and grow there.

The Twitter space lasted for 1h 4minutes and a total of 71 persons tuned in. Thanks to the Nigeria Team for the summary

The GoodDollar Nigeria Team is hosting a new Twitter Space to share another crypto journey on Friday 10th at 8pm (GMT-2). Don’t miss it, save the date here.

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