Supporting Universal
Basic Income, Together.

GoodDollar offers you the opportunity to “do
well while doing good” and participate in
realizing the world's biggest experiment to
deliver universal basic income.

Change the Balance, for Good

You have the power to help us build a fairer, more equal economy.
Commit your funds to the GoodDollar trust and let your interest generate universal basic
income not only for yourself but for others too.

No Donations!
You commit your capital to the GoodDollar trust (smart contract) for as long as you like
Win For You
Your capital works to generate interest for you
Win for All
The interest your capital generates creates the G$ distributed
Need Liquidity?
You can withdraw your principle at any time

How are G$ Coins Created?

GoodDollar’s economic model creates a framework for generating basic income. Using Supporters’ capital as collateral we issue and distribute GoodDollar coins to Claimers.

Power a Global UBI Experiment

Do you want to be part of empowering the launch of the world’s first global universal basic income experiment?

We need you!

Sign up here to join leading philanthropists, UBI enthusiasts, impact investors, and foundations that are committing funds to bring GoodDollar alive in H2 2020!

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GoodDollar’s Inaugural AMA Session Hosted On Telegram Helped Community Members Better Understand Our Blockchain-Backed UBI As we race towards the live launch of live GoodDollar in the next few weeks, we caught up with the G$ team and our active community to ask us their questions directly. We hosted GoodDollar’s inaugural AMA (ask me anything) […]

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Which Blockchain To Use To Deliver Basic Income To Millions Of Users?

GoodDollar is striving to deliver universal basic income at scale – so determining which blockchain to use is critical – we have chosen Fuse for high-volume, low-cost transactions

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Digital Photo Authentication: GoodDollar Launches Face Verification In Universal Basic Income Wallet

To distribute UBI GoodDollar needs to use digital photo authentication – now we can. Here we explain how we have taken face verification to the next level

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Participants In GoodDollar’s Universal Basic Income Experiment Donate $100,000 To COVID-19 Relief

Universal basic income experiment attracts support, as Amit Baram, GoodDollar’s Creative Lead, is happy to explain I work for GoodDollar, a not-for-profit organisation that develops tools for distributing universal basic income (UBI), and at the end of last year, we launched a systems test for a UBI coin and wallet among 500 eToro staff. But […]

By Amit Baram, June 2, 2020