April Update: Use your GoodDollars to pay for mobile data

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It’s May, and GoodDollar is springing into new markets

Wait, it’s May already? That means new monthly updates. And this month, GoodDollar is springing into new markets. From new partnerships for using GoodDollars everyday, to new leading countries for GoodDollar adoption, we have so much to share. This past month was all about growth, and planting the seed for future growth. So, we’re showering you with news and exciting updates.

After all, it’s like they always say…. April showers bring May flowers.

You can now use GoodDollars for cell phone minutes around the world.

It’s true! We recently announced most exciting partnership for the GoodDollar protocol to date, and it’s kind of a big deal. Why? It’s one more way to create real positive impact with crypto, while also working to onboard and educate the next billion digital asset users.

BitMinutes is literally “changing how the world spends time by monetizing universal prepaid minutes. These encrypted tokens are exchangeable into pre-paid time and can be used as digital value for transfers, payments and micro loans, creating an ‘ecosystem’ for the underbanked. In this latest partnership, GoodDollar members can exchange G$ tokens for BitMinutes mobile phone minutes, with a focus on key markets throughout Latin America and the African continent.

“Working with BitMinutes is a great opportunity to demonstrate the role GoodDollar plays in onboarding millions of new global consumers to the world of digital money and the greater digital economy,” \said Yoni Assia, the Founder of eToro and GoodDollar. “We look forward to this partnership yielding concrete impact for hundreds of thousands of GoodDollar members around the globe.”

Read the full article from Business Insider here.

April by the numbers

It was a big month of growth for the GoodDollar community. In April…

  • 17,000,000 million G$ distributed
  • Value of $3,230 USD distributed (that’s more than $10,000 to date!)
  • 38,182 new wallets created
  • 1.1 million total unique claims
  • 5,537 GoodDollar wallet transactions (23% decrease from last month)
  • 90% of growth in the sign-up funnel. In February, only 70% of users could successfully complete account registration from start to finish.

There is a new region leading in GoodDollar adoption

From April, GoodDollar is growing across Southeast Asia, and we have some really interesting insights and numbers to share. The region recently proved to have the highest engagement with the GoodDollar wallet in the past 30 days.

  • Southeast Asia represents almost 40% of active members,
  • 40% of all referral invitations sent in the past 30 days came from Southeast Asia.
  • The top three most engaged countries are all in Southeast Asia: 75,000 active members from Vietnam (27% of all active members), Indonesia (18,000 active members) and India (17,000 members).
  • Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Philippines also appear in the top 20 countries.
  • 15,000 new GoodDollar wallets were created in Vietnam in the past month, more than any other GoodDollar country.
  • 4,000 new wallets created in India
  • 2,000 new wallets created in Indonesia
  • The second most spoken language in the web app is Vietnamese.

The adoption curve in Southeast Asia is reflective of the recent acceleration of crypto adoption in the region, in general. Specifically in regards to GoodDollar, the adoption curve may be a reflection of the current economic situation, or alternatively, people really see an opportunity for GoodDollar in their communities. Either way, we welcome all new members to the GoodDollar community. And it’s time we start learning Vietnamese, too.

Read more about the acceleration of crypto adoption in Southeast via Asia Times.

There’s a way to use your GoodDollars to earn rewards.

In April we announced the first GoodDollar liquidity provider (LP) campaign with our friends at Fuse. The program rewards G$/USDC liquidity providers on Fuseswap, with a total of 75,000 $FUSE allocated in rewards for participants in the next two months.

Big updates here. In just one month, 90 members have added nearly $40,000 USD to the G$/USDC liquidity pool.

By incentivizing GoodDollar LPs with rewards, we aim to increase liquidity on FuseSwap for the leading digital basic income asset, allowing project supporters to begin to put their GoodDollars to work and earn rewards. A deepened G$/USDC pool also serves to benefit the larger GoodDollar community of over 200,000 members worldwide, simply by making G$ a more widely liquid asset.

This experience shows that Fuse is a great place for “small holders” to begin to provide liquidity and explore de-fi tools. The GoodDollar community is hungry for that, which is aligned with our ethos that the barriers to entry in the digital economy are low enough so that anyone who wants to participate can. Let’s be real, we probably wouldn’t see this happening in Uniswap.

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