GoodDollar: Money As a Public Good

Unlocking human potential with digital Universal Basic Income

Global inequality is the greatest challenge of our time. With GoodDollar’s decentralized finance technology money can flow freely to people who need it most as universal basic income (UBI).

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Web3 and decentralized networks are powering the next financial revolution, but are leaving behind the 1.7 billion unbanked people most in need of financial innovation. GoodDollar is a permissionless protocol that creates and distributes free money as a public good to anyone in the world who wants and uses it.

Our mission is to advance decentralized financial education and access for all, using decentralized blockchain technology. Our vision is a world where everyone has access to basic economic assets and financial products that are inclusive by design. Learn about the GoodDollar ecosystem.

Learn about the GoodDollar ecosystem.

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With over 500,000 members across the globe, GoodDollar community members around the world are using GoodDollar to improve their lives and that of their communities. So whether you are a community development leader, an emerging microentrepreneur, looking for some extra income, or looking to support others around the world, GoodDollar is for you. Anyone, anywhere in the world, with a smart phone and internet access can participate.


The GoodDollar protocol is a flexible, permissionless architecture that enables money to sustainably flow freely to people. It does this by funding and issuing a reserve-backed token, G$ token, that functions as an automated market maker and is distributed as a daily UBI to members.