Be a Good Friend with GoodDollar’s Referral Program!


Get 100G$ and give a one-time 50G$ referral reward, for every friend who joins the network.

You asked, and we delivered: the GoodDollar Referral Program is here! This is the next big step to growing our network, and building our power.

Thanks to another generous sponsorship from eToro, we have jointly added a separate rewards pool of G$s to cover the next million new users referral bonuses!

So go on, call your mother, tell your neighbor, text your coworker, post on r/WallStreetBets. The more people you invite, the more G$s rewards you rack up, and more importantly, the more people we welcome into our free digital income ecosystem.

Together, we grow.

It’s simple!

Your invite link is located directly in your wallet.

Just a note, you will only receive your GoodDollar bonus after your invitee has successfully signed up and successfully claimed their first G$. Nag them to claim if you have to 🙂

Generate your personal invite link directly from your GoodDollar wallet (top left icon).

Send the link to your friend(s).

Copy or Share your unique link directly through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or e-mail. Boom.

Automagically, you receive 100G$ and your friend gets 50G$ reward for completing their first claim.

It’s really that simple.

You’ll see the status of your invites in your invite page. Friends that successfully registered and claimed will show in green. Friends that opened a wallet but didn’t claim yet will show as ‘pending’ in yellow.

Did we mention already that invites are unlimited? Ready? Go

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