#Crypto4Her: Deploying DeFi to Address Gender Inequity


At GoodDollar, we know women and girls make powerful leaders of change when they support each other, and also when they are supported by men who believe in their capabilities. When leaders stand behind initiatives to improve conditions in their communities – or the world – their passion and commitment lead to actions that are both humane and effective.

Because we know words mean little without concrete action, GoodDollar is launching a new phase in our mission to rebalance global wealth inequality through inclusion in the digital economy; a major campaign focused on women and girls. 

We’re calling it #Crypto4Her and it’s part of our unshakeable commitment to nurturing the vital link between gender, social equity, and better outcomes for communities in need. It’s essentially a crowdfunding campaign where supporters can donate their G$ to the good causes.

Women in the developing world make up a disproportionate number of what is known as the informal workforce: a two-billion-strong global population that generates one-third of gross domestic product (GDP) in emerging economies. Because they are not formally employed, they often have few protections under the law and are vulnerable to poor treatment. 

In Africa and India, nine out of ten women are informally employed and must struggle to thrive – or even survive – in difficult conditions. And yet it is these women who form the backbone of local communities, supporting their families and one another. 

#Crypto4Her is GoodDollar’s way of helping them in this vital work and giving the GoodDollar community a way to support worthy causes using their G$. 

We’ve enlisted the help of some of web3’s most prominent female leaders and male supporters to advocate for projects to support women and girls around the world. 

#Crypto4Her will launch on 30th June 2022 on the same crowdfunding platform GoodDollar members used to successfully raise more than $14,000 USD worth of G$ for great causes in 2021. The campaign is ongoing because achieving equity in economic opportunities is a long term goal.

The rest comes down to community members. You can use your G$ for good by donating to these excellent causes. More will join as time goes on. The wallets will remain open to continue donating to your favorite causes.

We will be doing special campaigns and promotions around #crypto4her throughout.

What is #Crypto4Her?

#Crypto4Her is an initiative to help women and girls through worthy causes nominated by a panel of web3 leaders and supporters. 

Taking part is simple:

  1. Choose a cause from the list below
  2. Send any amount of G$ from your wallet to theirs.
  3. Share the news with your community to raise more funds and awareness. 

To find out more about our impressive panel of change-makers and the projects they are supporting, keep a lookout on our social channels from July onwards for videos and Twitter spaces under the hashtag #Crypto4Her.

Here are our pioneering people and their causes:

Christiane Mendes – GoodDollar Brazil ambassador

Chistiane is a teacher and social activist. She grouped together with other residents and created a project called NEDUC in 2015. She lives in the fourth largest favela in Brazil, in the state of Maranhão which has one of the worst areas of deprivation. Her slum needed educational actions to favor children and young people.

NEDUC is a community education center with three focus pillars – Education – tutoring  children from 6 to 10 years old and professional courses for youth and adults,  Entrepreneurship – for handicraft, gastronomy, recycling workshops, workshops on how to manage small and nano businesses for women, Social Assistance – adopting UBIs from Impact Market and GoodDollar to guarantee a minimum income for people below the poverty line.

NEDUC  Notion page  To donate 

Amelia Sarda – popular investor on eToro

Amelia is part of a nonprofit organization called “Women of Brazil” (Grupo Mulheres do Brasil), which supports Brazilian women all over the world to thrive and overcome difficulties. Help her by donating to one of the biggest causes: the owner-of-myself project which is helping women from fragile communities in Brazil to be microentrepreneurs and have a source of income and maintain their families financially.

Grupo Mulheres do Brasil Notion page To donate

Karen Jooste – former Member of Parliament in South Africa

Karen is the founder of RightfulShare, a nonprofit income movement calling for basic economic security through direct cash transfers. She has previously served as a Member of Parliament in South Africa. Rightful Share is setting out to prove that a Universal Basic Income can steadily reduce financial inequality in South Africa. South Africa is among the most unequal societies in the world. They do have legislation intended to reduce inequality. However, in its application, it’s enriching a small elite. Rightful Share will prove that they can upend this status quo by deploying GoodDollars in South Africa. Ultimately, the intention is to nullify obstructive legislation and remove dependency on charity.

Rightful Share Notion page  To donate

Aline Silva – 2014 World Champion silver medalist in Wrestling and 2016 Olympian

Aline is a 2014 World Championships silver medallist from Brazil and a 2016 Olympian in Wrestling. She created Mempodera, a charity promoting gender equality through sport and education. The aim is to empower the community by giving youth tools to believe that everyone has a choice, to be better. Giving young people the belief that they can transcend to the most powerful version of themselves.

Mempodera Notion page To donate 

Florine Virginie Lieugop – Cameroon GoodDollar Ambassador

Florine started with the Sofero Harmony Association a few years ago. She participated in various activities via contributions, personal, material and financial according to the various needs during the training. The charity helps to improve the living conditions of women with small trades and orphans. This is a cause close to Florine’s heart. Every woman should be able to take care of herself and provide for her personal needs.  Through this campaign, she wants to support the people behind this project to carry out even greater actions, achieve their objective in terms of reducing precariousness for these women in this region of Cameroon and inspire others to do the same.

Sofero Harmony Association Notion Page To Donate

Paola Guzman – project Director CAMINNOS

Paola is Mexican and Bolivian and she lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She is the Project Director of CAMINNOS, a social innovation laboratory, focused on generating inclusive entrepreneurship programs and meaningful digitization in rural communities in Latin America. 

The Gran Chaco area spreads across Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay consisting of 1 million sqkm. It has 20 indigenous populations that face natural disasters, limited resources and challenging geography. Within Gran Chaco there are 2000 women struggling to sell their local arts and crafts due to logistical barriers and the pandemic. Indigenous populations and their languages are disappearing.

NFT artists have collaborated with these 2000 local artisans to co-create art from the Gran Chaco region. This project is called Gran Chaco Impact NFT.

Gran Chaco Impact NFT Notion Page To donate

Paule Auriane Ntchouadep (Bibi) – Cameroon GoodDollar Ambassador

Bibi is a teacher, writer and an entrepreneur. She is also the  founder of an association of women entrepreneurs and a GoodDollar ambassador. She noticed as a female African entrepreneur, that women were not supported in the field of entrepreneurship. They lacked financial skills and competences. So she had the idea of creating the Hibis Association in 2021, to support women entrepreneurs through training and coaching to strengthen their skills, help them seize financing opportunities and non-financial opportunities.

Hibis Association Notion Page To donate

Ahmad Abubakar – new to GoodDollar!

Ahmad, a teacher,  spotted our social media shout out for the campaign and knew this was the opportunity to help widows and orphans in Nigeria, a cause that he had been thinking of for some time but didn’t know where to start. This is a brand new cause that you can help him build from the ground up!

Orphans and widows live very pitiable and terrible lives in Nigeria. They suffer from starvation, lack marketable skills, lack of access to education, among other things. It’s so painful to see and hear orphans and widows talk about thoughts of committing suicide because of how hard and difficult life is for them. They are neglected in society because they are seen as irrelevant and they have nothing. They are regarded as beggars. They are not seen as having anything worthy to contribute to society. This cause is brought about because of the above reasons and more to bring comfort and relief to the orphans and widows and change the status quo so they could live a life of dignity and honor. 

Widows and Orphans Notion page To donate

Letty – mother of Betz, Philippines GoodDollar ambassador

During the pandemic when Letty’s husband lost his job, she thought hard about what she could do to financially support her family. She opened a donut shop with a grant from GoodDollar and provided lovely donuts for her local community. Letty is the mother of GoodDollar Philippines ambassador Betz. They had a terrible tragedy when their family house was flattened by a typhoon in December 2021. They only have one phone for the family. They need your help to rebuild their home and their lives.

Letty’s Donut Shop Notion page To donate

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