Four Weeks After Launch GoodDollar Attracts Claimers From 161 Countries

GoodData: GoodDollar Stats One Month After Launch
GoodData: Impressive Numbers After One Month

The GoodDollar Basic Income Wallet Launched On September 7 – These #GoodData Highlight Great Community Growth In One Month

In a world where wealth inequality is growing every second, knowing the numbers is critical to activate change.

The international poverty line – currently $1.90 a day – is the threshold that determines whether someone is living in poverty. One in 10 people lived on less than $1.90 a day in 2015, according to the World Bank, but the coronavirus pandemic is likely to push 150 million more into a poverty trap by 2021.

With GoodDollar’s GoodData we hope to show how our basic-income project can help close the wealth inequality gap.

On September 7, and after almost two years of testing and improving our product, we launched the GoodDollar basic income wallet and protocol that allows anyone in the world to claim GoodDollars (G$) for free on a daily basis. The reception, from around the world, has been incredible.

A Word From GoodDollar’s Executive Director, Tal Oron

Tal Oron

“Welcome everybody to the first GoodData post, which comes four weeks after the launch of our basic income wallet and protocol. The global interest in and enthusiasm for our not-for-profit project has been off the scale – as the publicly available GoodData figures below indicate.

“For me, the most encouraging element has been the community activity, which is gaining momentum by the day. As stated in white paper, ultimately, and as soon as possible, we want future decisions in the GoodDollar system to be voted up by its members. It is heartening to already see so many splinter groups forming, all trying to further the prospects of global basic income.

“We’re thrilled to see personal initiatives already happening such as G$ marketplaces, interface translations and how-to guides. A hearty thank you to all GoodDollar pioneers, from me and the team.

“These are exciting times for all of the GoodDollar community, and it’s clear now is the time for basic income. With your continued support we can reduce wealth inequality.”

GoodData: GoodDollar Stats One Month After Launch
GoodData: GoodDollar Stats One Month After Launch
GoodData: GoodDollar Stats One Month After Launch
GoodData: GoodDollar Stats One Month After Launch

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