GoodDollar Security Upgrade March 17, 2022


GoodDollar is undergoing a security upgrade and some features will not be available for the next 72 hours.

Posted March 15, 2022, 01:00pm EST

⚠️ Security upgrades: Governance contracts and the GoodReserve have been fully restored🥳 Now you can stake your G$ for GOOD token again!

Here are the addresses for the new contracts on Ethereum Mainnet:

  • Reserve/GDX: 0xa150a825d425B36329D8294eeF8bD0fE68f8F6E0
  • GOOD (same address for Fuse): 0x603b8c0f110e037b51a381cbcacabb8d6c6e4543
  • Governance (same address for Fuse): 0x57ee6ceff51cb30ecb1245934a882c500fbec1e9
  • DAI Compound Staking: 0x7b7246c78e2f900d17646ff0cb2ec47d6ba10754
  • AAVE USDC staking: 0x3ff2d8eb2573819a9ef7167d2ba6fd6d31b17f4f 👇

And here, our new contracts on Fuse:

  • Governance Staking: 0xB7C3e738224625289C573c54d402E9Be46205546
  • UBI (DisCo Contract): 0xd253A5203817225e9768C05E5996d642fb96bA86

Thank you so much for your patience💙

Posted March 15, 2022, 11:55am EST

⚠️ Security upgrades:

  • The new GDX token has been issued to anyone that has ever bought from the GoodReserve. It’s good to go, no action necessary from the user👌
  • GOOD token has been issued to anyone that has ever claimed from the airdrop, both on mainnet/fuse. There’s no need to claim this again👌
  • Also, G$ rewards have been reimbursed to stakers👌

    GoodDAO staking should be enabled on soon 😊 Thank you for your patience💙

Posted March 8, 2022, 10:15am EST

⚠️ Security upgrade fixes:

Mainnet Trust Fund staking contracts are up and running! 🙌 So far 9 people have re-staked their funds today! 👌

Posted March 1, 2022, 02:06pm EST

The Android app is finally running smoothly! 🙌 Thank you for your patience💙

Posted March 1, 2022, 09:57am EST

Claiming G$ #UBI is live again!
The contract that distributes G$ to users (aka the DisCO contract) has been redeployed. Webapp is restored, Android app will be working shortly.

Happy claiming!

Posted February 28, 2022, 4:35pm EST

Update on Security Upgrade.

The #GoodReserve contract has been upgraded and redeployed with 200,000 cDAI. You can now swap and interact directly with the new GoodReserve contract, and the remaining funds will be added after completing further checks.

  • This is the address for the new #GoodReserve contract: 0xa150a825d425B36329D8294eeF8bD0fE68f8F6E0

The #GoodReserve is not yet connected to #GoodSwap interface. The foundation will update as interface is reconnected by the community members who operate it.

The ability to claim is the next fix! Upgraded staking and governance contracts will be deployed over the next few days, along with next steps for members!

Thank you for your patience and stay tuned! 💙

Posted February 27, 2022, 10:03pm EST

Hi GoodDollar community, please keep reading below for an important update!

A bug was discovered, and protocol-owned funds are currently under the control of the GoodDAO. Since the GoodReserve funds are under the control of the GooDAO – interacting with the GoodReserve is currently inactive. The core protocol and governance contracts will be redeployed.

Do not worry, all claimer funds are safe, and you can continue to send and receive your GoodDollars.

While these fixes are being made, claiming will not be active for the next 72 hours.

All active stakers need to withdraw their funds from the GoodStaking contracts and wait for next steps on new contracts when redeployed. All G$ stakers for GOOD governance should unstake as soon as possible.

The team is working around the clock to resolve the issue, and appreciates the community’s patience and support! Claiming will be re-activated in 72 hours and all will be #GOOD as normal.

Follow along for more real-time updates

As always, GoodDollar will share more information as it becomes available on the next steps for the redeployment and GoodDAO members’ participation. Updates will be shared with the community in the coming day on Twitter and community channels.

We appreciate your patience and trust as the core Foundation team does all possible to quickly and securely resolve the situation.

Relevant contract information is below:

Reserve funds secured address:

Avatar on Fuse: 0xf96dADc6D71113F6500e97590760C924dA1eF70e
Avatar on Mainnet: 0x1ecFD1afb601C406fF0e13c3485f2d75699b6817

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