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And GoodDollar Gets Global Media Recognition. A Week Of #GoodNews Indeed!

GoodDollar Earns Global Recognition

It’s only three months since we launched the GoodDollar basic income wallet and protocol, and while the huge uptake around the world has been a pleasant surprise, it was still pleasing to receive further validation in the form of a glowing CoinTelegraph article. Following that piece, GoodDollar has enjoyed praise from press around the world. The most exciting part? We are only just beginning on our journey to reduce global wealth inequality. (And, for the record, the project has given away 41 million G$, not 14 million as a the CoinTelegraph report suggests.)

Kenyan Project Highlights Success Of Basic Income – In African And Beyond

“While $21 a month may not seem like a life-changing amount of money, for Denis Otieno Anam it has been exactly that,” writes Laura Paddison for FutureProof, a collaboration between HuffPost and Unearthed, Greenpeace UK’s journalism unit. She takes a deep dive into how a basic income project has transformed the lives of Denis and fellow Kenyans. GoodDollar’s aim is to empower people across the world by educating and providing them with digital assets.

Blockchain Leader Dominate Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ List

If there was ever a sign that blockchain’s time has come, it is that 11 of Forbes‘ ’30 under 30’ list are entrepreneurs working in the space. Admittedly, it is a little narrow-scoped that 10 of the 11 are based in the US, but still it’s a positive sign for the sector. And if he was a few years younger surely Yoni Assia, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of eToro, GoodDollar’s primary sponsor, would also have featured. Yoni, the brains behind GoodDollar, recently made Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list, though.

All You Need To Know About Ethereum

Second only to Bitcoin, in terms of market capitalisation, Ethereum has been a big player in the crypto scene for many years – though it has risen by about 350 per cent since the start of 2020. It’s about to be super-charged: the planned upgrade, to Ethereum 2.0, could allow thousands of more transactions to take place every second. CNBC runs the rule over Ether. At GoodDollar, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, we are very excited.

Cryptoassets Banned In Bolivia – For Now

The South American nation has a patchy relationship with cryptos – it was banned by the left-wing government, led by Evo Morales, who fled to Mexico in November 2019. Although a right-wing government is now in charge, and Morales is back from exile, progress remains sluggish; there is no sign of the ban being overturned. The blockchain advocates are now pushing back, though, reports Yahoo!. GoodDollar has a large South American fanbase – our top countries are Argentina, Spain and Colombia – so we will be watching the situation with interest, and crossing our fingers for a breakthrough.

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