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Bertrand Juglas: GoodDollar #GoodPerson
Bertrand Juglas: GoodDollar #GoodPerson

French Developer Has Been A Key Player In The GoodDollar Community Since Before The Launch Of The Wallet And Protocol – And We Owe Him A Lot Of Thanks

GoodDollar would be nothing without our community. And a central player within our ecosystem even before we launched our basic income wallet and protocol in September has been Bertrand Juglas, this week’s #GoodPerson. 

The truth is, he has regularly been nominated as #GoodPerson for the last few months – but we can only feature people once, and the Frenchman, a DevOps engineer who “works on Ethereum blockchains”, has been especially busy this last month. 

It’s hard to overstate how important Bertrand’s – unpaid and tireless – contribution has been, and continues to be, for the GoodDollar project. Other community members share our wholehearted gratitude for his commitment to the cause. 

And it is thanks to a growing number of key community personnel like Bertrand that GoodDollar’s core ambitions – to raise the value and use cases of the G$ cryptocurrency, reducing global wealth inequality, and ultimately becoming a decentralised organisation – will be realised as soon as possible.

Building on the GoodDollar Protocol

Bertrand is one of the first contributors to the GoodDollar protocol who doesn’t work at the foundation. As such, he has performed a deep evaluation of the smart contracts and thought a lot about what to build that will add more value.

On GoodDollar’s official Telegram group, Bertrand – who says his “leitmotif is sharing is caring” – is one of the greatest educational resources. He understands more than most that a little patience is required to build new technologies and markets. Bertrand takes the time to explain the proposition and potential of the project thoroughly to new joiners or those who don’t have as strong an understanding of cryptocurrency. He is a moderating voice in the community articulating that building GoodDollar will take time, but stressing that the beauty is in realising that vast potential.

In an attempt to further accelerate the progress of GoodDollar, soon after the launch of the protocol and wallet, the 43-year-old established an unofficial Telegram group solely for developers who want to build on GoodDollar.

More recently, in late November, Bertrand facilitated Good Staking – a mechanism for people to stake the GoodDollar protocol – and Good Trading. Please see the links to the GitHub pages he has launched here:

Bertrand is also an active member of other developer groups that build on FUSE. And around the time of the releases mentioned above, he led a developer workshop about building on FUSE, which GoodDollar uses. Bertrand presented the work that he has done on GoodDollar, switching even more people – and many developers – on to our digital basic income project.

Positive Social Impact

We caught up with Bertrand after the workshop, to understand what appeals to him about GoodDollar, his hopes for the project’s future, and to thank him for his work.

“I am an early adopter who has watched the GoodDollar project for long time,” he says. “I heard about the project a long time ago, even before the face-verification integration. The project appeals to me because of the basic income and DAO [decentralized autonomous organisation] concepts used. 

“What really excites me is that it provides a social use case for decentralized finance (DeFi). I like how it makes easy for beginners to participate without knowing about blockchains. I am happy to help a project that has a positive social impact goal.”

Turning his attention to his desires for GoodDollar’s future, Bertrand continues: “I hope GoodDollar becomes a new community currency usable worldwide. And as a developer, I hope to build web interfaces that make it easier for non-technical people to interact with the GoodDollar smart contracts.

“For me, success with GoodDollar would be millions of users who are helped in their daily lives while keeping the balance of activity and tokens between the different types of stakeholders: Stakers; Claimers; and Buyers.

“The biggest challenge is finding that balance between the different types of actors. The community can help by the decentralization of the tools implemented.”

Finally, Bertrand encourages developers to collaborate via the Telegram groups to share knowledge and help create more tools for GoodDollar. “Join the Telegram groups to propose your suggestions in the GitHub organisation, but don’t try to impose them,” he adds.

Are you looking to develop on the protocol and get involved with the GoodDollar project? Please sign up to the hackers Telegram group, and join the conversation – you’ll certainly find Bertrand there.

Who would you nominate as GoodPerson / GoodPeople, and why? Please let us know by emailing [email protected].

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