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And he will “send you a monthly status update on your tree, with photos and videos of its development” in Southern Spain

Last week Travis Miller was named our first GoodPerson of the ever-expanding GoodDollar community, for his proactivity – including launching the GoodDollar Marketplace on Facebook. There is a clear winner this week: Hugo Perea Lisbona.

On October 16, Hugo published his first post on the social media group – which has already attracted over 5,700 members – and captured the essence of what we are trying to encourage within the GoodDollar community: namely, doing good with G$.

And if you were wondering what you can buy with your GoodDollars to help the planet, Hugo has provided the answer. For just 15 G$ you can have a tree planted in your name in a field in southern Spain. For an additional 5G $ a month the environmentally-conscious Hugo will “send you a monthly status update on your tree, with photos and videos of its development”.

Hugo’s plot of land where you can plant a tree in return for 15 G$

The project is flourishing after only a handful of days – and if you want to buy a tree, or other digital services with your G$, please go to the GoodDollar Marketplace Facebook Group now.

Travis commented: “This has to be one of the coolest and most unique services offered so far here on the GoodDollar Marketplace Facebook Group! 🌲 I am definitely interested, and I just messaged you! 🌍”

There have been many equally positive reactions to Hugo’s initiative. “Wow that’s so cool,” wrote Rafael Antonio Rugeles. “I want one! The tree will be chosen with your recommendation and maybe I can visit it next year 👍🏻🌳.”

Lex Vincent Rubio Lexoide Amorvitalis summed up the mood by writing: “I love your initiative! You are doing something amazing my friend. Lovely. Thanks.”

Planting For Good

We contacted Hugo to find out more about why he chose to establish his tree-planting service. The entrepreneur, who works in IT, has completed a transatlantic crossing in Catamaran “with four friends and a cat” and, through Hiking Europe Club, he helps to organise free hikes all around the world. He learnt about GoodDollar from a social media news feed and is excited by the project because “everyone can use it”.

“When I discovered GoodDollar I loved it,” he says, “and I decided to use it for reforestation. I wanted to offer people the possibility to help the environment, and I thought the GoodDollar Marketplace was a great fit. I’m very involved in hiking and sailing and doing activities to help and preserve nature. With this scheme, the more supporters we get, the more trees we can plant.”

He adds: “I think the key challenge for GoodDollar is getting people involved. Promoting those who use G$ to develop cool activities and with a good purpose can help. Don’t hesitate to get involved with GoodDollar!”

Hugo has approximately 20km² in which to plant the trees, and he estimates that around 2,000 can be grown in the space. So far two trees have been planted, and more than 20 people – most of whom want multiple trees – have put their names down. Do you want to help us fill up “GoodDollar Grove”? And if not, why not?! Contact Hugo now to use your G$ for trees.

Who would you nominate as GoodPerson / GoodPeople, and why? Please let us know by emailing [email protected].

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