In at the start and still going strong – we salute you GoodSir Bertrand!


Unless you’re very new to GoodDollar, this won’t be the first time you’ve seen the name Bertrand Juglas

Bertrand, a French DevOps engineer, has been a firm friend of the GoodDollar mission from the early days of the protocol. As soon as he connected with us, back in 2020, Bertrand got straight to work using his technical skills to help build the GoodDollar infrastructure.

That year he worked to launch the first versions of Goodswap and GoodStake, bringing important functionality to the new protocol. His other significant project was to set up and administer the GoodDollarCommons, a decentralized Github repository of open source infrastructure driven by the community.

As part of the GoodDollar V2 upgrade in 2021, Bertrand worked on a new iteration of GoodSwap, with a more intuitive and user-friendly community interface. And he continues to maintain GoodSwap, as well as the web hosting service.

In addition to sharing his extensive technical skills, Bertrand has always given freely of his time to onboard and support those new to GoodDollar. He has helped ambassadors in Cameroon with their projects, and mentored Yonatan Ben Ami of Pesia’s Kitchen, a Tel Aviv-based organization providing nutritious food to those most in need. 

Bertrand is also a gifted designer of NFTs. He created one to attract more interest and donations to the Pesia’s Kitchen project, and also released the first NFT collection minted for G$ UBI Royalties. These benefited two creative projects: CineCapsule, which supports independent cinema, and Female Film Club, which empowers international female and non-binary filmakers to produce unique work.

But it’s a very recent example of  Bertrand’s work that truly encapsulates his initiative, his talent, and his humanity. As news emerged of the civilian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, many of us felt a sense of shock, helplessness and disbelief. But within days, Bertrand had leapt into action, finding a solution to the challenge of how to quickly and safely send aid to the Ukrainian relief effort. He set up a multisig wallet for UkraineDAO that enabled it to accept a much wider range of cryptocurrencies – including, of course, G$. Those of us who have sent G$ to Ukraine have Bertrand to thank.

This is far from the only time Bertrand has earned our gratitude. We’ve thanked him on social media, in blogs, via shout-outs, and awarded him #GoodPerson status more than once.

But with friends as good as Bertrand, you just can’t thank them enough. The work he does for GoodDollar is invaluable, but Bertrand receives no payment for it. He commits his time and his skills to the community because he believes in the GoodDollar mission to power the next financial revolution, bringing economic opportunity to all. 

With people like Bertrand working towards it, this goal gets closer every day.

The GoodDollar team has created a special distinction to recognize Bertrand’s status within the mission and to highlight just how much he is valued and appreciated. 

In honor of the significant contribution made by Bertrand Juglas to the GoodDollar cause, he is henceforth to be awarded the title “GoodSir Bertrand”. 

GoodSir Bertrand has also been awarded a Lobby3 Membership NFT. Lobby3, the brainchild of UBI true believer and former U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, is on a mission to educate Washington on the power of web3 to do good in the world. 

So not for the first time – or the last – we thank you, GoodSir Bertrand!

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