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The team has been in constant build mode, and we want you to be among the first to know what we’ve been up to. First and foremost, the GoodDollar protocol continues to autonomously create and distribute thousands of dollars of free digital basic income for its members month-after-month, it’s awesome and inspiring.

But there is more – a new spend partnership, the first GoodDollar Android app in development, and a new crypto-philanthropic sponsor of the GoodDollar protocol, which means more GoodDollars minted for all members. Boom.

To kick things off, there can now be a GoodDollar billionaire.

Which is actually a good thing. There is now over one billion G$ in circulation. We welcomed 46,000 new members in May, which now makes for a total of 316,000 GoodDollar-ians worldwide. Of those, 203,000 members are regularly claiming their digital income, a 17% increase since last month. 

Southeast Asia continues to lead on the GoodDollar global scoreboard, with nearly 40% of all members from the region. India’s GoodDollar community grew with 6,000 more sign-ups, and is now 33,000 members strong. 

Some other big numbers we like: there are over 35,000+ members in the GoodDollar Marketplace. On average, 1,000 daily transactions were made in G$ last month. Over 33,000 G$ transactions have been made to date.

And most exciting of all: over $20,000 USD worth of GoodDollars have been distributed to date. Let that sink in for a moment. 

Check out more from this new dashboard.

E-commerce with your GoodDollars is coming your way

We are thrilled to announce that GoodDollar members can now spend their GoodDollar tokens on’s e-commerce platform and use them to shop for everyday items and basic necessities on Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. 

Since the early days of the official GoodDollar launch, our community discussions revolved greatly around how and where to spend G$ tokens. We couldn’t agree with you more; e-commerce and consumption are two very critical pathways to driving crypto to mainstream and mass adoption.  

Let’s be real for a second – we know you need to have enough GoodDollars in your wallet in order to use them to shop for basic needs. We also know that our members are hungry for a seamless shopping experience, with the ability to pay for items directly from their GoodDollar wallet. is the first of many future partnerships in the pipeline that are squarely focused on making sure you have a wide variety of places where you can use your GoodDollars. Ultimately, we hope these future partnerships will financially benefit the spending power of millions across the globe. 

Just by claiming G$ daily, you’re already part of this global change. It’s pretty cool. 

$50,000 added to the GoodDollar protocol! The amount of crypto “staked for good” just doubled.

More GoodDollars are coming your way! We are honored to announce the newest crypto-philanthropic sponsor of the GoodDollar protocol,, who have generously donated $50,000 to the GoodDollar protocol!  

The $50,000 will be locked into the GoodStaking contract, with all earned interest to be donated back to the GoodReerve. This nearly doubles the amount “staked for good” towards GoodDollar, benefitting 250,000 GoodDollar members in over 180 countries. 

“My hope is that it inspires other crypto-philanthropists, entrepreneurs and companies to use their crypto to advance more economic empowerment for all, with reducing financial inequality within digital assets as the goal,” – Yoni Assia, CEO and Founder of eToro and

Want to learn more about the first crypto impact investing model? Check out this overview, or read through the Litepaper.   

GoodDollar x Fuse Liquidity Rewards Program

The Fuse Liquidity Rewards program has been providing increased liquidity over the past few weeks, peaking at over $46,000 worth of G$/USDC Liquidity. We are almost to the halfway mark of the rewards program, with 45 of the 90 days remaining. Meanwhile, over 37,000 wFUSE has been awarded to Liquidity Providers on FuseSwap and the current APY at the time of writing is approximately 177%. 

Here is just another step towards financial inclusion for GoodDollar Community Members, and allows anyone with a smartphone to participate in the growing world of decentralized finance.

Product Updates v1.27.1

The team’s main focus this month has been GoodDollar Android beta, fixing a bunch of bugs and shipped improvements to the wallet experience.

Android app beta. Over 700 members are helping us test the Android beta in the wild. Thanks to the great feedback from beta users from dozens of different countries, we are ironing out most issues before we release the first version.

The Android app is the first version to ensure all members are working on the most updated experience the wallet has to offer. 

What we’ve shipped this month:

  • Native Android Beta Program to Ambassadors
  • Fixed app not responsive when moving from landscape to portrait
  • Fixed sign-in issues with non-Chrome browsers
  • Fixed app crashing when trying to edit profile name (in some instances)
  • Internal tools and fixes:
    • Reduce error logs to reduce “noise” from server/dapp
    • Added rotating FV license keys to server/dapp
    • Deploy from slack with bot
    • Security updates
    • Research replacement for GunDB to increase scalability

Understand past transactions better. In addition to the bunch of bugs squashing, we’ve also have been working to improve the speed of the transaction history feed. coming soon…

But wait! There is more.

Press & Podcasts

Exciting upcoming event. Meet the GoodDollar team at the Crypto Israel event on June 17th, and hear us talk about how we are using blockchain to deliver a crypto basic income. Follow this link to register. 

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