July Update: The community is growing and the team is hiring


Proof of Concept (POC) results are in, V2 is coming, and we are optimistic 🙂

Since launching the GoodDollar protocol and decentralized application (dapp), the GoodDollar community has grown to 220,000+ members across four continents, including between 40,000 to 80,000 active daily users. Thanks to the active GoodDollar community, the GoodDollar wallet app is one of the most popular distributed applications (dapps) in the blockchain universe.   

So? The Proof of Concept has demonstrated that GoodDollar is far more than a new use case for smart contracts. GoodDollar is a movement: one that has already touched a quarter million people in more than 181 countries around the globe. And we’re only getting started.

Read the full story with more data and learnings here, and stay tuned for V2 and the launch of staking for all!

Tomer presents GoodDollar economic model to the Ethereum community at ETHcc Paris

Thank you to the ethereum community for an awesome week at ETHcc Paris – Europe’s largest ethereum conference. Tomer presented how smart contracts are being used to deliver a real crypto basic income (full video here). 

GoodDollar: Delivering basic income on Ethereum

 “Many people around the world are excited about UBI and want to start testing it. Blockchain is the natural space for that kind of experimentation.”

Tomer Bariach, Protocol Lead and Head of Token economics, GoodDollar Foundation

We connected with so many interesting people and protocols that agree: the basic income future needs to be fully decentralized and owned by everyone, and Ethereum has the opportunity to achieve this. 

What are five things Tomer learned at ETHcc? Check out this article

GoodDollar V2 new roadmap is published

We’ve been working on it for months, and we’re thrilled to share with everyone. With V2 features and enhancements, including community governance, the ground will be set to scale the protocol, and grow a new type of impact economy that serves all of its members. 

What’s in development, and what’s coming next in the V2 launch?

  • Open staking in the GoodDollar Trust to all 
  • New staking rewards scheme
  • Easy to use protocol dapp
  • Improved wallet stability
  • Documentation on how to integrate any de-fi protocol with GoodDollar
  • Community governance

And more! Check it out.

What’s coming in V2?

An engineering student used G$s to pay his university fees

And used the GoodDollar marketplace and community to crowdfund for it!

Last month, @Focused_Steve, GoodDollar’s Ambassador from Nigeria, raised 250,000 G$ to pay for his school fees at the University of Benin. This is approximately $43 USD. 

How? First, he raised the first 200,000 G$ from the Ambassador group on Telegram, and finally reached his goal after we shared his community marketplace listing on social media.

The GoodDollar community is always innovating and testing new ways to use G$ as a real community currency, and fueling a digital impact economy. How are you using your GoodDollars locally? We want to hear from you!

Latest updates to the wallet 

This month, there aren’t actually any exciting updates to the wallet, besides a few minor tweaks to improve the overall app experience. That’s because the whole team is busy prepping for the V2 launch… stay tuned for even bigger and better updates coming soon. 

Are you new to GoodDollar? Check out these videos

Welcome! Now that you’re here, want to learn more about what GoodDollar does, and what we’re building for? Check out these video playlists to learn more about digital basic income.

Do you have a Youtube or Tik Tok channel, and want to help us spread the word around universal *digital* basic income? Let’s meet! We want to meet you! Use this form to apply for the GoodDollar ambassador program, and join an awesome community of super-users around the world. 

Come work with the coolest team 

We’re biased, but it’s true.

After ten months of exploding growth, with 300,000 members across 180 countries, we have one of the largest and global digital communities out there, and we are looking to grow even more! Are you passionate about using blockchain technology to build a free-er, fair-er digital economy?

If you say ‘yes,’ then this could be you:

* GoodDollar communities are growing around the world, and we always welcome more and more GoodDollar Ambassadors. Key geographies with growth in G$ activity over the past few months are Vietnam, Indonesia and India… if you are interested in representing your community fill out the Ambassador application here!

Upcoming Events

Chainlink #SmartCon / Social Impact Roundtable
If blockchain technology isn’t fixing some of the world’s biggest problems, then what’s the point? Register and tune in here for the virtual panel with GoodDollar, happening August 7th at 8:35 PM UTC.

Community AMA / What’s are we launching in V2?
Join Tomer and the GoodDollar team for a live webinar to discuss everything in development for V2. Fill out this event form, and come with your questions! Monday August 9th at 3:30 PM UTC.

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