June GoodUpdate: Advocating for Greater Diversity and Inclusion in Web3 with Digital UBI


With the newly launched #Crypto4Her campaign and the election of the first female community moderator, GoodDollar continues on its mission for making digital money inclusive and accessible… with real purpose. 

Since 2020, GoodDollar has been distributing a steady stream of free crypto to anybody and everybody with a cell phone and internet connection. It’s part of the GoodDollar ethos that digital assets should be accessible to all, so we’re working on breaking down barriers – from ownership to education – one at a time. Through the GoodDollar digital wallet (free to download here!) and via the smart contracts of the anti-poverty protocol, nearly 500,000 people across have begun claiming a small share of global wealth. You can learn more about the tokenomics and project here

Congratulations Christian Mendes, the first Community-Elected  Female Moderator! 

In February 2022, GoodDollar took its first steps in the journey of decentralization and community building by passing on the critical role of community moderation to you – the GoodDollar community! 

Fast forward to today, when the community welcomes Professor Christiane Mendes from Brazil, as the first female moderator to join the elected ranks of the moderation team. Congratulations, Chris!

The first moderation team was elected through the GoodDAO – Steve from Nigeria, Andres from Colombia, Jose from Mexico and Vu from Vietnam – who have worked with serious dedication and professionalism to do one of the most important jobs of any web3 community – onboarding . Through Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, GoodDollar provides community support in over 18 languages and across all the regions of the world (except Australia and Antartica, for now!). 

Team work makes the dream work. 

#Crypto4Her launches to support womens and girls around the world

Did you know that twice the number of men are investing in cryptocurrency than women are? 

To tackle the blatant web3 gender inequality issue head-on, GoodDollar has launched #Crypto4Her, a crowdfunding campaign that supports grassroot social causes that put women and girls first. Since the GoodDollar community is constantly sharing new ways to support those in need (through P2P exchanges and donations), it’s obvious that we need to build more ways to support these peer-to-peer utility use cases. The results from the first GoodGiveback campaign support these assumptions as well. 

How does it work? It’s simple. 

  1. Go to the #Crypto4Her campaign page, built on Notion: ubi.gd/cryptoforher
  2. Choose a social impact cause 
  3. Select ‘Donate Now’ to redirect to the organization’s G$ wallet link
  4. Send any amount of G$ you like
  5. Share your donation on social media to encourage more people to join the movement! Tag @gooddollarorg and #crypto4her 

Learn more about the nine #good causes that are actively crowdfunding in the campaign and donate directly to each of them here: ubi.gd/cryptoforher. Every little bit counts!

Feedback is key to building better UBI solutions for everyone

In June, the GoodDollar product team launched a survey to get real user feedback on the wallet and better understand the interests and needs of the global community. Over 10,000 people around the world participated in the survey, which is a big step towards creating a digital product that can be more easily accessible and understood by the nearly 100,000 people that use it daily. A big thank you to all who shared! 

As an additional bonus to contributing to this ongoing project, GoodDollar ran a social media bounty both in the wallet and on Twitter to randomly select and award 1,000,000 G$ to a lucky member. Congratulations Juan Pinto, we hope you put those GoodDollars to good use! 

Feedback and ideas are always encouraged. If you have any questions or ideas to share, check out this simple form

Spotlight on GoodDollar in the News

This month on the 50th episode of the Crypto Altruism podcast, Community lead Jessica Salama shared GoodDollar’s mission and vision for leveraging DeFi and blockchain tech to mint and distribute a digital basic income, and why it matters. Tune in here. 

GoodDollar continues to show us all the powerful influence that cryptocurrencies have in promoting social good. 

“Not-for-profit blockchain projects like GoodDollar encourage millions of underprivileged people worldwide to learn about cryptocurrencies while allowing them to earn money simultaneously. Powered by blockchain technology, GoodDollar utilizes an income-distribution model to create (and distribute) a stream of digital currency by integrating social investing principles and free-market resources.” – via CryptoWisser 

Yes, DAOs can change the world. Though the technology and community building on it is still in its infancy, this is an important dialogue to continue sharing. Thank you Finance Magnates for highlighting GoodDollar’s journey towards fairer distribution of wealth and bringing universal basic income to the masses in this article (read it here!)

And, a special thank you to the community that is spreading the good word and building a strong community around the world. As part of our commitment to making crypto accessible and inclusive, GoodDollar Ambassadaors have began hosting Twitter Spaces and local meetups to encourage more dialogue in local languages and dialogues. Shoutout to the GoodDollar en Espanol, GoodDollar Nigeria, GoodDollar Ghana and GoodDollar Cameroon teams for hosting these virtual and in-person events last month, and looking forward to many more!

June by the numbers

Even in bear market conditions, GoodDollar continues to grow and thrive. Honestly, we’re not surprised – the current situation of the economy gives every more reasons to deliver a universal basic income as global inflation continues to soar. 

  • The current value of G$ is 0.000177 (down 2.52% since May)
  • 99,744,000 G$ distributed in June (up 19% since May)
  • $17,852 worth of G$ distributed
  • 12,127 new wallet sign ups 
  • 6,500 new claimers 
  • 1,345,956 total claims in June 
  • 75,800 active claimers in June
  • 444,358 total claimers in the GoodDollar economy (2% increase since May)

Almost $181,000 worth of G$ tokens have been staked in June, generating an interest of $178.94, bringing the total amount of interest generated to $14,347. Stake it til you make it! Learn more about staking here. 

Brazil continues to rank #1 in the global leadership board of sign ups, claims, total users and active claimers, welcoming 4,200 new members this past month. Nigeria and Vietnam follow with 980 and 954 new claimers in June, respectively.

Important update on the GoodDollar UBIDisco contract and restoring a fair UBI distribution for all 

On July 4th, there was a blip in the daily GoodDollar distribution which resulted in there being a higher than usual amount of GoodDollars released in the daily UBI to a small number of users in error. Approximately 5,600 claimers received 96,000 G$ in a single distribution. The team immediately jumped to work to repair the blip, though on July 5th in 280 claimers received 82,000 G$. The error was a result of a vulnerability, which was discovered by an external actor and since patched, audited and repaired. As the impact of this error is a less fair UBI distribution for all, the team jumped to work to activate the community to return the unusually large distributions, in the spirit of fairness and equality. In an incredible show of strength of the community, over 40% of users who received the funds have returned them, replenishing the UBI distribution pool for all. To prevent this from happening again, the core team is increasing its internal audit standards, as well augmenting its monitoring tools. 

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