October 2021: The digital basic income economy is growing, for good


Happy 1st birthday GoodDollar!

In September 2020, GoodDollar was born. Since then, the digital basic income protocol has been minting and distributing more than $22,000 worth of G$ crypto tokens to 250,000 real people in virtually every country in the world—all based on an initial $58,000 stake.

To be honest, we forgot to celebrate the GoodDollar protocol’s birthday (and milestone!) on September 7th because we were too busy preparing last month’s big announcements. What’s new, you asked?

The GoodDAO governance model is now published, and eToro staked $1,000,000 to the GoodDollar Trust. There’s no way we could have achieved this much in a year without you, GoodDollar community.

Happy birthday to all of us! Now, let the real celebrations begin 🎉

eToro stakes $1,000,000 in the GoodDollar Trust

Today we have full confidence that smart contracts can mint and distribute a digital basic income, so eToro has stepped up its commitment to help grow the ecosystem. The additional funds from eToro will significantly enhance our ability to generate UBI for our community. In year 1, it will enable us to mint nearly $47,000 additional G$, a number that rises to $60,000 in year two.

Soon, we will open the GoodDollar Trust—the engine that powers the creation of G$—to anyone who wants to pledge capital to support the goal of providing a digital universal basic income (UBI) to claimants around the world. Stay tuned!

Thank you Cointelegraph for breaking the news! Read more on our blog here.

Hello, GoodDAO! This is community-powered GoodDollar

GoodDollar was designed to serve and be guided by its membership, so – naturally – distributed governance makes total sense. Welcome to the GoodDAO!

To determine every community members’ role in the GoodDAO, the GoodDollar (G$) community holdings Snapshot was taken on September 29th, 2021 at 12:00 UTC… and the results are in!

Learn more about how GoodDAO governance will work, including the philosophy, GOOD distribution framework, and how delegation will work, here. Plus, check out the community Q&A we put together.

September by the numbers:

  • 133,419 total transactions with G$
  • 22.938.107,00 G$ distributed in September
  • $3.407,85 USD distributed in September
  • $22,669.39 USD total distributed to date
  • 74,000 daily active users
  • 5,000 new sign-ups in the GoodDollar marketplace
  • 25,000 users and a total of 43,000 sessions in the GoodDollar marketplace just in September

We asked, you answered.

How would you like to use your GoodDollars in the future?

See the results here

GoodDollar around the world 🌏

Did you know that GoodDollar members are active in 183 countries?

  • Congratulations, Vietnam 🇻🇳 community for claiming G$ 1.5 million times since the official launch!
  • There’s a GoodDollar Columbia 🇨🇴 group growing – join here
  • This crypto UBI activist in Brazil 🇧🇷 has a message for you
  • A GoodDollar member in Ghana is selling eggs for G$.

We’re working on a new GoodDollar community site to better navigate the digital GoodDollar universe. Soon you’ll be able to easily search and find GoodDollar communities around the world, and access more localized content (thanks to all of the translators!). Are you currently using Notion.com and want to help us build and test the site? We want to hear from you! Shoot us a message at [email protected] .

The GoodDollar Foundation is growing

This month we introduce three (!) new team members joining the GoodDollar Foundation. To note, the Foundation is 100% separate from the GoodDollar protocol.

Gustavo Segovia from Spain 🇪🇸 is passionate about crypto-communities, DAOs and using purpose driven technologies for the wealth of our society. His background is in telecommunications engineering and has being in crypto since 2016, mainly focusing on education and community building around Ethereum and Bitcoin. Fun fact: he wrote the first GoodDollar blog post in Spanish last year!

Patricia Pedrosa, from Brazil 🇧🇷 is GoodDollar’s new Impact Lead. She’s working on product development, so that the wallet is simple and… impactful. Fun fact: Pat loves racing cars almost as much as loves talking about Web3.

Gal, from 🇺🇸 is our new Developer Evangelist, he is psyched to help and support our open source community of developers build better and new stuff on Gooddollar technology. Fun fact: Gal is also a climbing guide!

Welcome to the team!

What’s in product development?

It’s full speed ahead with product development, and we are exciting to share more updates from the team building the GoodDollar wallet.

“In the coming months, we will be working to improve our login experience, to provide alternative ways to log in to your wallet, and to make it easier for new people to create their wallets. So stay tuned, a lot of good is coming up!” – Pat, Impact Lead.

Join the first GoodDollar Espanol community call

Hola GoodDollar LATAM! On October 27th, we are co-hosting the first Spanish-language live webinar with one of our tech partners, Digital Bridge. Join Jessica, Gustavo, and Javier to learn more about building digital basic income on Ethereum. We promise you don’t want to miss this one! Stay tuned for the official announcement.

More #good news

Thank you Haaretz and The Marker for featuring GoodDollar’s growth and mission in this feature article.

And thank you Cointelegraph!

We answered your questions and chatted with the community in our AMA led by Tomer and Hadar, with over 130 participants! Watch the recording here and join us for the next one!

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