Share the Good News about GoodDollar – Earn 10X the Rewards


April is Financial Literacy Month at GoodDollar.

And since we’reGoodDollar is all about financial knowledge and understanding, we’re celebrating with a great new offer for members who invite others to join their crypto journey. 

As of this week, the bonus you’ll receive for referring someone else to GoodDollar will grow by 10X. You heard it here first: invite a new member into the GoodDollar fold and receive 1,000 G$. And the invitee will earn an extra 500 G$ just for accepting!

That’s 10X more reasons to share the power of free crypto far and wide. Not only will each new joiner earn you more rewards, but we will welcome more people into our free digital income ecosystem.

And remember, you’ll will only receive your G$ bonus once your invitee has successfully signed up and started claiming free crypto themselves.

Any questions? Visit us on social media and/or connect with GoodDollar community moderators and ambassadors in your part of the world:

And if you haven’t already, start claiming your G$ today!

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