The GoodDollar Stories Campaign: Adventures in Crypto Claiming


With more than 300,000 members across the globe, it’s not surprising that the GoodDollar community is a wellspring of truly great stories.

You can find dozens of the best right now on Twitter – under the hashtag #GoodDollarStories – after a campaign that invited members to share their GoodDollar journeys with the world. The first 100 of these wonderful GoodDollar storytellers to submit a video or audio testimonial shared in a 1 million G$ prize pool.  

So what kinds of stories did we hear? So many good ones it was tough to decide which to share. Here are just a few…

Venezuelan economist and professor Daniel Andres discovered GoodDollar when he was locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been a firm believer ever since. He began by claiming daily and earning extra tokens by referring friends.  

“I saw that in Venezuela, this project could be very useful, especially because of the economic, political and social situation in my country. So I created new strategies and new ways to make this project known,” he said.

“I immediately thought, why not exchange cell phone balances for G$? The response was amazing. I started to receive many requests from people who wanted to use this service since they were claiming (G$) and they didn’t know how to get something in return.”

Many of those who contacted him said they wished they could exchange their G$ for money to buy food. “This impacted deep in my heart and I decided to start promoting the project to give it more value, to create a utility and to help people in my country.”

To help his students understand crypto, Daniel even created a miniature GoodDollar economy right in his classroom: He rewards anyone who regularly attends class and turns in assignments on time with G$. Those who are late with their homework? They pay a G$ penalty.

“Today, my friends, my family and my students all share the GoodDollar philosophy,” he said.

User @JustDeepfied described his adventures since discovering GoodDollar in November as “super exciting”.

“I’ve successfully onboarded a friend, whom I have connected to MetaMask and explained to him the importance and the benefits of GoodDollar long-term – and it was great,” he said. “I’ve also taken part in a transaction at the marketplace. I did some tasks, and I was paid for those tasks. All I did was to send in my payment link and the G$ was paid into my account.”

Bùi Quân from Vietnam, the country with the largest number of G$ claimers, has been part of the GoodDollar community since the early days, when he was referred by another user.  

“I have referred many people. As one of the early adopters of GoodDollar, I see this as a potential (crypto) coin and my friend and other friends are happy to use it as well,” he said. “Thank you to your community for creating a healthy playground and connecting the international community.”

Engr Olusegun Adeyeye (Olusegun Paul) said he was “delighted” to be part of the GoodDollar project, particularly since he was able to donate some of his G$ to the needy in Zimbabwe through the first ever GoodGiveback campaign.

“So it gives me joy and I feel relaxed doing that,” he said. “GoodDollar is a great project and I know it is the future of currency.”

Then there’s GoodDollar true believer Jake A. Snider, who has been with the community since the very start.

“I have been claiming good dollars since it first went live and today I’m proud to say that I am a participant in the two-way economy on GoodDollar,” he said in his video.

“I have both purchased services using G$ and I’m also selling my legal services to people in North Carolina where I’m licensed for G$. I’m really excited about GoodDollar because I think decentralized currency that has a basic income attached to it is the way of the future – it’s how we get out of the terrible story of finance that we’ve been telling for a long time.”

Listen to all the stories here.

Please join us for the next GoodDollar Stories campaign.

There are so many more great stories out there – we can’t wait to hear yours! 

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