The Road Ahead for GoodDollar–2022 and Beyond!



  • GoodDollar’s new roadmap is packed with improvements and initiatives that will make G$ even more useful, strengthen the GoodDAO, and forge new ties with the DeFi sphere. And most importantly, empower GoodDollar members to do more good for themselves and one another!
  • Upgrades include the launch of an in-wallet feed of content from, for and about the community; a shift to a multi-asset reserve; expansion of functionality to low-cost L2 chains; and the addition of new in-app benefits and content.
  • The planned changes will ensure more DeFi users than ever before can learn about and support the GoodDollar mission, more projects can build on us, and more of our global membership can join the digital economy by claiming crypto through GoodDollar.

Since its 2020 debut, GoodDollar has made it possible for people all over the world to claim, learn about and use cryptocurrency – at zero cost and zero risk. The GoodDollar community now numbers 330,000+ members in every corner of the planet. 

Think about that: hundreds of thousands of individuals excluded or underserved by traditional finance have used GoodDollar to join the digital economy. And they needed neither specialist knowledge nor specialist equipment to begin their crypto journeys – just access to a smartphone and an internet connection. 

It’s time to build on that success. 

The roadmap below sets out a series of initiatives and key technological improvements set to roll out over the next 12 to 18 months that will increase the reach and utility of G$, strengthen the GoodDAO and help the entire GoodDollar ecosystem to grow and thrive. 

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These measures fall under three broad headings: 

  1. The GoodDollar Economy: If we are to make it possible for as many people as possible to learn about and take part in the digital economy, we must focus on building out the GoodDollar impact economy and working with the community to vastly expand the ways our members can use their G$ UBI tokens.
  2. The GoodDollar Protocol: GoodDollar’s overarching goal is to open the digital economy to the widest possible spectrum of individuals. Reaching that objective requires us to take all possible steps to ensure the protocol is strong, healthy and capable of generating a reserve-backed crypto UBI token at scale. To broaden access to DeFi while keeping transaction costs within reach of members, work in this area will focus on deployment on lower-cost Layer 2 and side chains.
  3. GoodDollar Governance: The GoodDAO is a collective of GoodDollar members committed to the fight for wealth equality. Since community leadership is fundamental to the ethos of the project, efforts in this area are aimed at giving GoodDAO members all the tools, knowledge and encouragement necessary to actively contribute to the future of the GoodDollar impact economy. 

Here are some of the near- and medium-term steps the core development team is working on to support these three crucial goals:

  1. Build out the GoodDollar impact economy and increase the utility of G$:
    1. Chart a unified journey that takes users from first crypto use through to financial self-determination:
      1. Embed a feed of content about and for GoodDollar and the community within the app;
      2. Promote financial literacy and equip the community to explore new ways to use G$ by integrating DeFi utility and knowledge into the user experience.
    2. Encourage more users to learn about and participate in the digital economy through GoodDollar:
      1. Develop the grant program to encourage G$-based entrepreneurship and to reward users who come up with other ways to increase the utility of G$;
      2. Grow the bounty program for community members who help develop technical fixes and innovations;
      3. Enlarge the Ambassador Program to increase community outreach and to reward users who create or translate educational material and/or develop local advocacy programs;
      4. Launch the GoodDollar Marketplace 2.0 so users can find new ways to use their G$;  
      5. Develop the Good Giveback initiative, which aims to support impact initiatives through G$ donations from the community; 
      6. Expand community referral program.
  2. Strengthen the health of the protocol:
    1. Increase the value of the GoodDollar Reserve by facilitating staking, swapping and G$ usage:
      1. Open GoodDollar to the whole DeFi sphere: 
        1. Deploy liquidity on other chains;
        2. Enable the GoodDollar app to interact with other wallets and protocols;
        3. Connect with different DAOs, protocols and chains to encourage participation in the GoodDollar ecosystem.
      2. Launch GoodDollar Bonds, a new financial instrument that will offer users another way to fund segmented UBI deployments and other worthy projects with distinct funders and recipients. (subject to GoodDAO approval).
      3. Transition to a multi-asset reserve to strengthen the GoodDollar economic model (subject to GoodDAO approval).
    2. Highlight GoodDollar milestones (staking, UBI distribution, reserve strength, G$ economic stories) to promote GoodDollar’s momentum and impact with existing and potential stakers/sponsors, as well as the wider community.
  3. Put the GoodDAO on a path toward self-governance:
    1. Empower GoodDAO control over:
      1. Community moderation and UBI advocacy;
      2. Development and management of community infrastructure (web hosting, decentralized marketplaces, DAO frameworks and liquidity deployment);
      3. A cryptoeconomics R&D program centered on DeFi and sustainable UBI ideas and proposals;
      4. Ecosystem expansion;
      5. Fundraising campaigns for worthy causes.
    2. Make GoodDollar governance as transparent and user-friendly as mainstream social media, making it as easy as possible for community members to play an active part in guiding the protocol into the future:
      1. Allow members to see and delegate their voting power;
      2. Make governance activities central to the user experience;
      3. Facilitate proposal submissions.

With so much in the works to make the world’s first decentralized impact economy even more powerful and accessible than ever before, there has never been a better time to join GoodDollar!

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