Top tips earn G$ bounties during Financial Literacy Month at GoodDollar


Do you remember how it felt when you first started your crypto journey? 

A little bit scary? Like you might make a mistake and something terrible would happen?

We’ve all been there. 

Which is why one of the best ways to get to grips with the digital economy is by learning from other people’s experiences.

And since April was Financial Literacy Month at GoodDollar, it seemed the perfect moment to sound out the GoodDollar community about what advice they would pass on to newbies if they had the chance. 

Oh, and an opportunity for us to share some G$ love at the same time!

GoodDollar’s social media supremo Meri Fernández asked: “What’s the one tip you would give to someone brand new to the digital economy?” and posted a bounty of 20,000G$ for each of the top five most-liked tips on Twitter and Facebook. 

Here’s a selection of some of your favorites:

  • I advise newcomers to seek first knowledge in the subject and apply it well.
  • Cryptocurrency or the digital economy has come to stay, so please don’t be left behind!
  • I keep on sharing good news to my friends about G$ so we can earn and hodl.
  • I advise never to invest in any project without carrying out proper research.
  • Teach the person about the digital economy and how it will be used to eradicate poverty.
  • We’ve calculated a digital engagement score, based on people’s optimism about the ability of the digital economy to generate employment, help address global challenges, such as healthcare; and overall ensure that the positive impacts outweigh the negative.

Congratulations to all ten bounty winners:


Abdul Nyanya

Bebet Lenteria

Precious Nwanko

Zinsou Hosana Candide

Whin Nie







Let’s bring Financial Literacy Month to a close with some final words of wisdom from GoodDollar’s Product Lead, Patricia Pedrosa.

On her journey from crypto zero to GoodDollar hero, Patricia says she:

  • Spent less than she earned
  • Saved two years’ of living expenses as an emergency fund
  • Read tons about investing
  • Claimed G$ crypto UBI and used it to learn DeFi
  • Bought only what she could afford to lose.

Thanks to Patricia and to everyone who posted their tips. And, of course, keep sharing your knowledge with others. 

It’s the most valuable currency there is.

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