We are thrilled to announce the #GoodGiveback community initiative!


Now there are even more ways to do good with your GoodDollars

GoodDollar is a community whose spirit is centered on doing good for others. That is why we are thrilled to announce the #GoodGiveback, a new community initiative that is all about empowering GoodDollar members to do good for one another, all while using their GoodDollars.

What is the GoodGiveback?

The #GoodGiveback is a new way to crowdsource with G$s for the social impact causes that matter most to the GoodDollar community.

Members have nominated some of their favorite grassroots causes around the world that are helping communities gain access to food, education, and other basic needs. Each new cause has opened a GoodDollar wallet that is ready to receive G$ donations.

You can send G$ directly to the cause’s wallet through this community-built web page.

How does the #GoodGiveback work?

  1. Check out the GoodGiveback site. There are 10 good causes nominated by the GoodDollar community that you can giveback to this #holiday season.
  2. Choose a good cause to support
  3. Donate directly to their GoodDollar wallet.
  4. Share your participation on social media and encourage your friends to join!
  5. Here’s a social media post you can copy:

    I just used my GoodDollars in the #GoodGiveback because I believe in basic income for all!

    The best part? It costs nothing to give and do good.

    Join me in giving back with @gooddollarorg! https://ubi.gd/give

    #GoodDollar #givingtuesday #cryptogivingtuesday”

The campaign runs through December 31st, 2021.

Bonus! In the holiday spirit of giving, eToro is matching with $10,000 in fiat to be distributed based on the principles of quadratic funding (check out this video to learn more).

What inspired this giving campaign?

You, this community.

The GoodDollar community bands together to help support fellow members in the past. From raising money for school fees in Nigeria to feeding hungry neighbors in Spain, the community inspires us all constantly.

So let’s scale it up!

What do I need to participate?

All you need is a GoodDollar wallet, and at least 1 G$ to send to any of these good causes listed on the board.

(If you haven’t signed up for a GoodDollar wallet yet, what are you waiting for?)

Want more GoodDollars to make a more sizeable donation? We have provided guidance for that, too. Click here for more info.

It’s a win win 👊

A new way to use your G$s, and an even cooler way to create impact and awareness for the causes that matter most to the community.

So, are you ready to use your G$ for good?

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