Free Money,
As a Public Good

Unlocking Human Potential with Digital Universal Basic Income

Global inequality is the greatest challenge of our time.
GoodDollar uses decentralized technology to financially
empower millions around the globe.

















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For Every Human


Any person can sign up for GoodDollar to get your free G$ income.


G$ is an ERC-20 token distributed as UBI to registered members every day!


Use your free G$ in dapps online or in-real-life to help support community commerce & initiatives


Free and accessible to Web3 onboarding with an ongoing supply of tokens to use

Community & GoodDAO


With over 640,000 members from 181 countries and 13 active local chapters, GoodDollar is the largest UBI community in the world and full of changemakers using GoodDollar to improve the lives of their communities.


from emerging market economies


come from emerging markets


are aspiring entrepreneurs


see crypto as key to building a better future



An open, decentralized digital universal basic income protocol used by over 640,000 people.

A sustainable model to direct modest financial assets to those who need it most, while onboarding the world’s financially underserved to Web3 finance.

  • G$ tokens are distributed every day as UBI and incentives to power the community.

  • G$ are backed with USD stablecoins; this is donated yield from corporate supporters

  • 100% mission driven token model: no pre-mint, no private sale, no founder allocation.

  • Top 10 most used protocol by daily active user. Live on Ethereum, Celo & Fuse

Join us in solving financial inequality


Sustainable, transparent, with real on the ground impact. GoodDollar offers multiple ways for mission-aligned partners to work with us to advance financial inclusion & blockchain.

For dApps and Aspiring Builders


GoodDollar protocol is financial and technology infrastructure with an embedded community of members daily claiming and holding G$ tokens. With over 110,000 weekly active users, GoodDollar members are eager to use their G$ in dapps. Build on GoodDollar!

Why Build on GoodDollar

  • EVM-compatible (Ethereum, Celo, Fuse)

  • G$ is top transacted ERC-777 token

  • Native Superfluid token for streaming & payments

  • Over 110,000 weekly active members



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What is GoodDollar?

GoodDollar is a cryptocurrency protocol that makes crypto accessible and useful to anyone who wants it by creating free money as a public good. It does this through using the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) to issue and distribute free tokens called G$ every day to registered members as UBI (universal basic income). G$ is a reserve-backed token, and the GoodDollar protocol is a multi-chain system that sustainably funds UBI at scale through permissionless integration with other projects and protocols.

GoodDollar is open to everyone, anywhere in the world. Sign up here to claim G$. Now live on Celo and Fuse Network!

How do I get G$?

There are three ways to acquire G$ tokens: by claiming, earning, and buying.

  • Claiming

    1. To claim G$, you need to verify your uniqueness to get a GoodDollar verified address. You can do this simply and easily on GoodWallet. Once you verify your uniqueness and get your GoodDollar verified address, you are able to claim G$ tokens every day in either GoodWallet or other Web3 wallets connected to GoodDapp.

  • Earning

    1. Earn G$s by connecting with the global community of 100,000 people buying and selling digital and physical goods and services in G$. Like what you see? You can open your own shop and start earning!

  • Buying

    1. GoodDollar tokens can be purchased on Ethereum, Celo or Fuse, which are the blockchain the protocol is active on. Ethereum Mainnet offers the chance to purchase G$ directly through the primary market of the GoodReserve. On Celo and Fuse, GoodDollars can be swapped on DEXes for other tokens. GoodDollar liquidity provider support the ecosystem through deepening the GoodDollar ecosystem. Here you can see the active DEXes.

What can I do with my G$?

GoodDollars makes Web3 and digital assets accessible and free for people, so you can build all sorts of things on top of the technology, protocol and community! People all around the world are constantly coming up with creative, new ways to use the G$ currency.

  • Web3 Education and Exploration (Dapps)

    • Learning how to use Web3 is often complex and expensive. GoodDollar gives you real free tokens so anyone can explore DeFi, NFTs, and new experimental tools with lower barriers to entry.

  • Community Development

    • Communities around the world have integrated G$ to support their activities, whether they focus on financial empowerment, or stimulating commerce. Social entrepreneurs around the world have used GoodDollar to enhance their activities - whether they focus on education, stimulating entrepreneurship, or supporting non-profit work supported through donations. Learn more about the community here (link to the community page)

  • Digital Services

    • Microentrepreneurs all over the world are using G$ to buy and sell products and services, such as airtime or professional services. There are several different existing marketplaces where you can use your G$.

  • Donations

    • You can donate your G$ to one of the many non-profits and NGOs around the world that accept GoodDollars to support their activities (GoodCauses!). Check out the range of global non-profits accepting GoodDollars that you can donate to here.

  • Participate in the GoodDAO

    • GoodDollar protocol is governed by the GoodDAO, and every GoodDollar member has a role to play. Members can stake their G$ to earn more governance power and influence, through earning GOOD tokens. Learn more about the GoodDAO.

Learn more about how to use your G$.

Why should I get involved?

Do you believe in the power of crypto and blockchain networks to advance financial inclusion for the 1.7 billion unbanked, and 5.5 billion underbanked? Yes? Great, us too.

The GoodDollar protocol is 100% open source code designed to make crypto accessible, free, and easy to use and experiment with for both G$ members and those that build dapps and solutions to serve them.

GoodDollar is about making the transformational power of Web3 and blockchain accessible and inclusive for billions around the world.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in GoodDollar.

  • Verify your unique identity and start claiming G$ UBI every day. Sign up through GoodWallet here. Come back every day!

  • Find and join your local G$ community.

  • Stake and learn more how to support the protocol on GoodDapp.

  • Donate your G$ to a GoodCause!

  • Integrate GoodDollar into your dapp - we are currently live on Ethereum, Celo and Fuse networks. (partner form)

  • Join our monthly community call.

  • Follow us on social!

What is the price of G$?

G$ is a real digital token that has a real price in USD.

The live price of GoodDollar, market cap, circulating supply, and the value of can be found on the GoodDollar dashboard.

GoodDollar is a reserve-backed token that is designed to be liquid and resist price volatility to function as a medium of exchange. G$ is not a stablecoin. Read GoodDollar's whitepaper for more info on the token model.

I'm a builder. How can I integrate G$?

There are multiple ways dapps and builders can build on top of GoodDollar infrastructure to  contribute to the mission of advancing crypto for all.

  • Dapps

    • G$ is used peer-to-peer as a payment token. With a 500,000+ global community of holders and 50,000 daily G$ claimers around the world, that is a lot of people holding G$ token that could be using your dapp. Dapps that want to drive usage into their applications and access the GoodDollar community base do it through partner integrations.

  • Apply for a Grant

    • Have an idea of something you want to build to support the GoodDollar ecosystem? We encourage you to apply for a grant. Reach out to us via the form here, and a member of the grant committee will be in touch.

  • Hackathons

    • Track our upcoming hackathons, bounties and prizes through joining the GoodDollar Hackers community.

How can I partner with GoodDollar?

Financial education and improving Web3 access and inclusion is key to our mission, and we are always looking to partner with organizations that share the same goals. We work with digital assets, fintech, and technology companies to advance their corporate social responsibility efforts, as well as non-profits and community development organizations that are looking at blockchain innovation. Of course, we also work closely with education and community organizations that are seeking to advance inclusion and access in the Web3 and blockchain space, particularly in key regions and countries where we operate.

Reach out!

How can I learn more?

We’re happy to hear you want to learn more about GoodDollar! You can find all info in our knowledge base. If you still have questions, you can reach out via our socials and talk to a human being representing the community.