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Problem: Income inequality is the defining challenge of our time

For too long wealth has stayed concentrated in the hands of a few without trickling down to the hands of the many.

Too many people live without access to the money that they need to pursue their purpose and improve their lives.

It divides us and creates rifts in our society. We can do better.

Solution: Put New Money Directly in the Hands of People

Basic income is a long standing idea of giving everyone a recurring cash payment.

Now, using new financial innovations, GoodDollar creates a sustainable money flow that enables any human alive to receive and support a small, daily digital income in G$ coin.

No governments, no gimmicks, and no more waiting.

A Sustainable Model to Serve Digital Income to Billions of People

GoodDollar creates an ongoing money flow of digital basic income that is given away to users. We use new financial tools to align incentives between those with money and those in need, creating more growth and opportunity for all.

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If you believe in basic income and hold crypto-assets, learn how you can "stake for good" on GoodDollar, earn market-rate returns, and do well for yourself and others.

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