February 2022: Standing together, sharing the love


GoodDollar had a record-setting February, as global membership topped 300,000, the value of the GoodDollar Reserve jumped 10% and G$’s market capitalization topped $1 million for the first time ever. The amount of G$ distributed as UBI crossed the $50,000 mark! 

Our pleasure in this positive news, however, dimmed the minute we heard news of the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Our hearts and thoughts are with those facing hardship and danger, not least with @gooddollarorg’s brilliant team of developers there.

Support for our friends in Ukraine

The GoodDollar community was left reeling at last week’s events, and quickly mobilized into action to find ideas for how to help and support the Ukrainian people. Some of your fantastic responses are listed below, along with details of how you can contribute G$ to the relief effort. 

Led by impact hacker @bjuglas, community members set up a system to allow you to donate directly from your G$ wallet to the newly established @Ukraine_DAO, which you can learn more about here. All funds raised will go directly to a Gnosis Safe deployed by the @Ukraine_DAO and GoodDollar community members.

While we know that none of the below news can ease our collective anxiety and pain about the situation in Europe, it is our constant goal to ensure that you – the GoodDollar Community – stays up-to-date at all times. So here goes…

GoodDollar Launches Enhanced Android App 

Our development team launched an enhanced version of the GoodDollar Android app, which has already been downloaded by 27,000 since its beta launch in December. Enhancements include a more intuitive user interface to make claiming even simpler and an automatic tally of the US$ value of G$ balances. Download the app here and get claiming!

Happy endings for our GoodDollar Stories winners

February was memorable for 100 community members who claimed part of a 1 million G$ prize fund by sharing their #GoodDollarStories through video or audio testimonials.Venezuelan economics professor Daniel Andres discovered GoodDollar during a COVID lockdown and has been spreading the word ever since. He came up with the idea of exchanging cell phone balances for G$, creating utility for claimers and helping to raise awareness so others could benefit too.

Daniel has also created a model GoodDollar economy in his classroom, rewarding students who attend regularly and complete assignments on time with G$. Late homework, meanwhile, incurs a G$ penalty! Daniel, one of our GoodDollar Ambassadors, also shares his crypto expertise in weekly educational Twitter Spaces. Join him and learn more in these Wednesday sessions. 

Bùi Quân from Vietnam – the country with the largest concentration of G$ claimers – helps refer and onboard others.  Jake A. Snider told the community about the two-way G$ economy he is shaping by marketing his legal expertise to clients for G$.Hear their stories and many, many more here.

First community moderators elected

The GoodDAO has elected a team of three community moderators to take on responsibility for monitoring communications and onboarding members. A fourth was chosen following open community discussion. Protocol Community Lead Gustavo Segovia announced the results live in our second community call on February 17th.Learn more about your new moderators and their ambitions for the future here. You can also watch Community Meeting 02 in full if you missed it.

GoodDollar in the spotlight

Did you catch our appearance in Cryptonews.com’s “9 DAOs to pay attention to right now”? The review highlighted how the GoodDAO “paves the way for broader global financial inclusion through decentralized finance”.

February also saw the G$ token listed on DEFI Llama and Coinmarketcap platforms.

Bounties roundup

February offered innovative community members more chances to learn new skills and make their mark on GoodDollar while earning bounties for their efforts. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • @harjaapdhilon started work on “Login with G$” but is looking for a partner to help. There are two parts to this bounty: one for building a new login feature and the other for creating a kit for developers who want to integrate it with other websites and apps. US$3,500 worth of G$ is up for grabs.
  • A new payment software development kit has been completed with the aim of enabling sellers to process GoodDollar payments through our API. There is US$1,000 worth of G$ going for a development article that includes an end-to-end code example of how to integrate with it.
  • Two additional bounties on offer focus on making it possible to use the G$ wallet with other DeFi projects: US$3,000 worth of G$ for adding WalletConnect support to the wallet so it can be used easily with Fuse; and US$2,000 worth of G$ to create a fix for users who would prefer to use MetaMask or WalletConnect for transactions.

You can learn more about GoodDollar bounties and how to connect with a mentor here.

Thank you for your patience

It wasn’t quite all good news in February. The short month packed a little sting in its tail when we found a bug and needed to run a security upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while some webapp and Android app features were out of action.

February by the numbers

  • New Sign-ups: 24013 (+17.4%)
  • New Claimers: 12485 (+11.7%)
  • Total Claims: 80805 (+2.87%)
  • Active Claimers: 75168 (+2.8%)
  • Transactions: 4125 (+11.7%)


  • G$ Price: 0.000193 (+9,32%)
  • USD Equivalent Distributed: USD 8,650.18 (+84,8%)
  • G$ Distributed 45.893.983,24: (+73.27%)
  • Market Capitalization: USD 1,144,997.76 (+44%)
  • Interest Generated: USD 1,677.34 (+34 %)
  • Total G$ Distributed: 337,515,261.49
  • Total USD Equivalent: Distributed 50,881.83
  • Total Interest Generate: USD 13,851.53
  • Total Staked: USD 1,109,884.45


  • Total Wallets: 430,000
  • Total Unique Claimers: 308,597
  • Total Territories: 219

A look Ahead

Crypto For Her

The success of last year’s Good Giveback campaign, which saw the community raise $14,000+ worth of G$ for great causes, has inspired us to launch a new fund-raising initiative. 

And since March is International Women’s Month, this time we’re asking influential women from across web3 to nominate projects that specifically benefit women and girls. GoodDollar Community Lead Jessica Salama set the wheels of the campaign we are calling Crypto For Her in motion on February 24th by chairing a kick-off call.

We’re delighted to confirm that eToro will again be supplementing G$ donations raised from the community with an additional US $20,000 to be distributed among the causes.

It all starts on March 8th! Follow updates at #CryptoForHer.

Blockchain Africa 2022

We’re big fans of this conference, which highlights blockchain opportunities and use cases both in Africa and across the world. Circle March 17-18 on your calendar and join in! This year’s theme, “Ready for Business”, is an apt one for a continent leading the way in crypto adoption. Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania were all ranked in the top 20 on last year’s Global Crypto Adoption Index: evidence of growing numbers turning to blockchain to fix problems such as financial exclusion and poor access to basic services.

Find out more via the conference website.

Just for fun

Not gonna lie. The GoodDollar team loves a meme!

We ran our first-ever GoodDollar meme contest in February, with the promise of a 20,000 G$ giveaway to each of the five most liked memes shared with us on Twitter. The competition is now closed but we’ll be sharing results with winners in March. Check out all the memes here.

Keep safe and well as we move forward into March!

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