I’m Claiming GoodDollars. Now Where and How Can I Use Them?


GoodDollar is a free digital income.

If you are looking for a token that will “moon” tomorrow you aren’t in the right place. GoodDollar is a community and a web application to help people join the digital economy.

This happens in two ways.

  • Begin receiving real digital currency, totally for free and without having to risk any money to start
  • Begin to use new digital currency, with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe (and soon to be millions!)

So although GoodDollar can’t pay for your groceries (today), pause and think about the kind of digital economy we can build together, for tomorrow. We are fueling a global movement, the first experiment of its kind. And you are an early adopter – get excited!

So, what can you do with a free digital income for yourself, and for others? Let’s get real…

Right now, GoodDollar is not currently accepted by vendors. As such, there is no “straight line” between GoodDollars (G$) in your wallet, and your ability to use them at your local grocery store. Therefore, GoodDollar might not be the best currency for meeting basic needs.

But that’s not the point. The point is to *increase* economic capacity of the individual, and therefore, increase the economic potential of the community at large.

How? Read on. We break down some of the components of this working at the individual level via consumption, digital services, and entrepreneurship.  

Use GoodDollar For Peer-To-Peer Barter

There are more than 35 community-driven GoodDollar marketplaces around the world. People are using real G$s to buy real goods from real people. Imagine ordering a custom hand drawn sketch and paying in G$? It happens. Are you selling your old secondhand bike? You can. The largest G$ marketplace on Facebook has 17,000 users, and on Sharetribe.com is a close second.

There are some examples of people using their G$ to buy food and services. This project lets users buy giftcards from vendors around the world using GoodDollars, and in Spain, Salvador is using G$ at a local farm as the digital currency fueling a circular economy from cultivation to compost. Although they are one-off cases, they are indicative of how people are able to effectively connect and promote through the marketplaces to exchange for some basic needs.

Use the GoodDollar wallet to send and receive G$s in exchange for… anything.

Crypto Fiverr: Use GoodDollar for Digital Services

What would you do for 100 G$ or 10,000 G$? What services could you get for 30 G$? In the world of digital services, there are limitless opportunities to earn a digital income. After all, basic income could rescue the freelance economy.

People are starting to use GoodDollar to pay for something that otherwise would have been paid for in fiat currency. And, with a growing network of freelancers, creators and developers offering and accepting services in G$ currency, there are more ways than ever to use your GoodDollars to expand your economic potential. 

Why is GoodDollar awesome for this? First of all, you can connect with people all over the world that are part of the GoodDollar community. You can send and receive G$ instantly, with zero transaction fees. So now, using GoodDollar, a Cuban graphic designer can sell their services to an inspiring entrepreneur in Indonesia: no waiting, no fees, no currency exchange. 

By enabling the community to spend GoodDollars with one another instead of fiat, GoodDollar shows its potential as a tool that increases the collective’s economic capacity.

Use G$s to connect with digital makers around the world.

Use GoodDollar to Do Literally Anything  

Think big. You can even use GoodDollars to start a business. Do you have a great idea, product or service, but need a bigger audience or more customers? Are you looking for extra tools to help get new customers, or get it off the ground? 

If the answer is ‘yes,’ the GoodDollar community exists to help you do exactly that. A growing global network of over 100,000 people around the world are offering their free digital income (G$) in exchange for digital likes, followers, traffic and ultimately… sales. 

  • Using G$ to buy and sell real gift cards.
    How can you use your GoodDollars for local commerce? Through using your GoodDollars to buy a gift card to your favorite stores! This young entrepreneur is offering gift cards at hundreds of local stores in over 35 countries. Travis bought a Dunkin Donuts giftcard for 100 G$, and got his girlfriend an iced coffee 🙂
  • Using G$s as an incentive to build a community of customers. ETHCities is a new community platform founded by Fred Stuckey that enables global digital communities to collaborate and mobilize. To help with the launch of the platform, Fred ran a contest exclusive to the GoodDollar community to help him source web design for the site.
  • Using G$ to generate real income from content creation.
    If you’ve spent time on any GoodDollar community marketplace, you’ve probably seen a few offers to receive extra GoodDollars for subscribing to a YouTube channel or Instagram comments and likes.

    This is real hustle and entrepreneurship, and we will explain why. YouTubers and Content Creators are paid based on these figures: new subscribers, new views, new comments, etc. This means that every action taken by a new follower translates into a bigger check received from YouTube at the end of the month, due to their ability to use G$ to grow their fan-base! Expanding economic potential! Plus, have you seen that some people have started to create content specifically for the GoodDollar community? We encourage everyone to keep it up. 
G$ is a free digital currency for your community.

I’m In. So, How Do I Do More with G$s?

At the end of the day, GoodDollar is all about community and expanding our collective economic potential. It enables you to add a monetary and value layer to your communities. So, do you have an active community – online or offline – that you are already a part of? Manchester United fanclub, fantasy football league, #yanggang?

Introduce them to GoodDollar, share your personal invite (and get G$ rewards). And start to experiment in how GoodDollar can help you do more of what you are already doing. Are you a fishing club with gear to swap and exchange? Use GoodDollar for that. Are you in an online community of neighbors who swap favors? Use GoodDollar for that. Are you an online creator looking to build your community and offer special perks? Use GoodDollar for that. Are you an online charity that is looking to raise awareness and funds for your non-profit? Use GoodDollar for that.

And let us know how and where you are using it! If you’re reading up to this part of the article, then there’s a good chance you’d be interested in joining the GoodDollar Ambassadors, a community of active G$ entrepreneurs.

Let’s Zoom Out On The Bigger Picture

At a macro level, GoodDollar is a global use case demonstrating how 180,000 people from 181 countries are using a free digital income to connect, consume and support each other economically. There are over 180,000 members in the GoodDollar network with which to experiment where and how the GoodDollar ecosystem can substitute as an alternative economy.

On a micro level, GoodDollar is a free digital token claim-able via a web wallet on any internet browser. It’s actually real, and no bank account, passport, or credit card is required to sign-up or claim. Basically, It’s a low-risk, low-effort way to interact with digital money.  

Another note, due to G$ token model there is no “pre-minting”, and as such, liquidity and token supply is designed to gradually unfold alongside the natural growth of the member-base

Remember, these are still the early days. And the GoodDollar community grows, there will be more places to spend and use GoodDollars. We hope this has been helpful in explaining what you can do today, but continuing to keep you interested in what you will be able to do tomorrow.

Together, we grow. 

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