Where can you spend your G$s? Hello, G$ Marketplace …

Jessica Salama

Our community built a marketplace. There are now almost 10,000 real G$ users like you buying and selling digital goods and services in the GoodDollar Facebook Marketplace Group.

Where Can I Spend My G$?

G$ can be used for peer-to-peer transactions within the GoodDollar wallet as well as community Marketplaces such as the “GoodDollar Marketplace” Facebook group. 

What is the GoodDollar Facebook Marketplace group?

The “GoodDollar Marketplace” is a Facebook Group to buy and sell digital goods and services in exchange for G$ coins. This provides a real-world use case for G$ and allows the GoodDollar community to interact with each other on a platform that many people around the world are familiar with: Facebook.

What digital goods and services are available?

There is a great mix of over 500 digital goods and services available already in the “GoodDollar Marketplace” Facebook group. From online meditation to graphic design and digital marketing services, the options are endless. Our personal favorite? Hugo will plant a tree for you in Spain for 15 G$. How’s that for social impact?

Where can I learn more about getting started with the GoodDollar Marketplace?

A community member has created this helpful guide to help you get started.

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