March 2022: Bringing the change we want to see in the world


March is a turning point in each year, with an equinox to mark the change. It’s a great time to celebrate what’s been achieved and then look to the future. 

With significant progress towards DAO decentralization, lightning-speed mobilization of support for Ukraine, and strong presence at key global networking events, GoodDollar has been bringing the change we want to see. 

The GoodDollar team also spent March taking stock of progress made so far, and setting bold targets for the future. 

So, let’s take a look at those March highlights….

Rallying to support Ukraine

The GoodDollar community rallied quickly at the start of the month to support Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s invasion. Many of our members joined other crypto users in a growing global fundraising movement to help Ukrainian organizations ease suffering.

Impact hacker @bjuglas swiftly set up a mechanism to allow members to transfer G$ directly from their wallets to the @Ukraine_DAO, an influential coalition of activists, artists, influencers and people with tech or media backgrounds. As the situation in Ukraine deteriorated by the day it gave us heart to see this broad spectrum of people united behind the goal of helping Ukrainians on the ground.

All contributions have been funneled into a Gnosis Safe deployed by this new DAO and GoodDollar community members. If you didn’t give during March, you can still make a donation from your G$ wallet here and join the thousands of others who #StandWithUkraine.

 Community Call 03

The third GoodDAO Community Call, on Thursday, March 10th, dealt with practical business around the protocol’s security and stewardship. But it also saw key progress towards decentralization of powers to the community. 

GoodDollar Protocol Community Lead Gusatvo Segovia made this clear as he laid out the overarching aims of the meeting: to reinforce DAO security while also laying the path for further decentralization. A summary of the critical security upgrade required at the end of February set the context. Hadar Rottenberg, GoodDollar Technical Lead, joined the call to offer detail on this and on follow-up work undertaken to ensure smooth operation of the protocol.

Approval was secured for the proposals contained in GIP-02, notably to elect a team of Governance Guardians with a mandate to modify the protocol directly in emergency situations, rather than going through the proposals procedure.

Potential candidates can find out more about what guardianship involves, and the qualities and experience required, by listening to useful discussion that took place during the meeting.  

Further decentralization of powers was also the theme of the final piece of business: the  administration of the Community Steward Treasury, an on-chain vault holding a pool of funds dedicated to community operations. Members agreed to hold a series of snapshot votes to elect a  team of Treasury Stewards who will help administer the fund. Applicants can find more details and apply in the GoodDollar Discord Channel, via the “Community Steward Treasury” post. 

It’s a “yes” for Community Moderator grants

A request submitted to the GoodDAO to provide grants to support the work of our new Community Moderators won approval in March. GIP-03 gained just over 68% of the vote.  Full results can be found here.

LATAM leads the way at ETHRio22

ETHRio22 marked the first time Brazil had hosted an Ehthereum conference, which added an extra buzz as attendees were determined to make the most of the new opportunity. Team members Patricia Pederosa and Jessica Salama were the lucky ones representing GoodDollar in person and connecting with other web3 creators, builders and thinkers in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. 

We were especially excited to be chosen to attend the Launchpad networking sessions that offered builders a chance to learn about and connect with relevant investors. It was a great platform for GoodDollar representatives to raise our profile and spread word of  our mission to provide UBI and grow the digital economy. Patricia, Impact Lead Product Management for GoodDollar, said: “Events like these are crucial to ensuring a financially healthy Web3 ecosystem and encouraging  innovation.”

The Token Economy Summit was another highlight. Hosted by Unit and co-sponsored by GoodDollar, the summit brought together change leaders and community-creators seeking to use blockchain technology to shape a better financial future for all. Jessica, GoodDollar’s Community Lead, held a panel entitled “What is Crypto UBI?” which included insights from Impact Market’s CMO Suzanne Pelao. As the conference drew to a close, Jessica told us how impressed she had been by the high-energy momentum of LATAM innovation and impetus for change, predicting: “This will be the continent to watch in the next few years.”

Thanks go to our hosts in Rio and to all the new friends, contacts and networks we made. Your positivity and belief in economic opportunity for all gave us a real boost!

Blockchain Africa: Online and in business

We weren’t able to attend the Blockchain Africa Conference in person after original plans for a hybrid event were shelved due to rapid spread of the Omnicron COVID-19 variant but the crypto UBI movement was well-represented by the GoodDollar virtual booth. 

We fielded questions from attendees and held meetings, making the most of the opportunity to focus on the continent leading the world in crypto adoption. With a theme of “Ready for Business”, there was a deliberate lack of blockchain hype at this year’s event. Attention instead focused on growth in enterprise-ready solutions transforming many digital businesses. Cross-border blockchain-based payment systems are  a case in point, and one that sits alongside GoodDollar UBI claiming and staking as a force for leveling the global economic playing field. 

Blockchain Africa packed in so much to listen to and think about that we found it hard to  believe the amount of ground covered in just two days, over March 17th-18th. 

March by the numbers

GoodDollar Wallet
New Sign-ups: 21,038 ( -21.2%)
New Claimers: 13,227 ( -12.9% )
Total Claims: 1,233,737 (+ 1.89%)
Active claimers: 68,400 (+ 26.9 %)
Transactions: 4,272 (- 10,3%)
Total Wallets: 450,000
Total Unique Claimers: 329,126
Total Territories: 225

G$ Token
G$ Price: 0,000197 ( +1.34%)
G$ Distributed: 37,184,219.39 ( -18.9% )
Interest Generated: USD 753.14 ( -55.09%)
Market Capitalization: USD 1,248,181.66 (+6.06%)
Total G$ Distributed 374,699.480.88
Total USD Equivalent Distributed 69,377.39
Total Interest Generate: USD 14,604.67
Total Staked: USD 105,836.62

The United States topped the table for new wallets in March. At 4,200, its sign-up rate was  almost double that of Indonesia and Nigeria, who tied for second with 2,800 each. The U.S. also saw the highest number of transactions last month.

A million reasons to show us your selfies! 

On March 17th we launched a 10,000 G$ giveaway to 100 members who took the time to share a selfie of themselves with their GoodDollar wallet – a million G$ in total. Have to admit, we did have an ulterior motive, though! Our socials supremo felt it was time to freshen up our social media banners with a fabulous collage of the community in action. 

Keep checking our posts to see the new look!

A Community Shout-out to…

…GoodDollar Community Moderator Vũ, in Vietnam, who gave away 1000 G$ to each of the female members in his Telegram group in honor of International Women’s Day. What a great example of #CryptoForHer in action!

Looking ahead:  new GoodDollar Roadmap on the horizon

Drumroll please….we’re excited to reveal that an updated version of the GoodDollar Roadmap will be released in April!

The GoodDollar concept still feels revolutionary but it’s worth reminding ourselves that the project dates all the way back to 2008 and a blog post called “Good Dollar – The Visible Hand”. Its author was Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of eToro, who went on to set up GoodDollar ten years later, with the launch of the protocol as a proof of concept happening in September 2020. Version 2, and the devolution of governance to the GoodDAO, was rolled out at the end of 2021. 

It’s time to take stock and leap forward into the next key phase of our journey.

The updated roadmap will build on everything that’s been achieved so far through the community’s hard work and clear-eyed commitment to UBI. It follows a review of all aspects of the GoodDollar offer, protocol, governance and features. 

We can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks to everyone for your support during March. We’ll see you in April!

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