Million G$ giveaway, GoodDollar wallet premiere draw record response!


We were blown away by the response to our 1,000,000 G$ giveaway! More than 7,300 of you took up the challenge and let us know what you would do with a G$ windfall – a record for any single GoodDollar campaign. 

With more news and resources now at your fingertips, we knew we wanted to celebrate the arrival of the new GoodDollar wallet feed in style. But we were thrilled by how many of you got involved.

In fact, it was so tough to decide among the wealth of fantastic entries, that we turned to a random picker to select the overall winner. We then hand-selected the five most creative entries to receive a GoodDollar tote bag. 

You’ll find the ideas sent in by our winner and five runners-up below, but first let’s take a moment to think about the detail that touched us most about your submissions. 

We could relate to those of you who had amazing vacations, shopping trips, investment or debt paydowns high up on your wishlists. Nothing wrong with that. We all have dreams of lying in the sun or building up a financial nest egg. 

But we were struck by just how many of you were thinking instead about how you could use the prize to help others – either in your families, or in your wider communities. We loved that so many of you wanted to use G$ to do good in the world. 

GoodDollar Product Lead Patricia Predrosa, whose team was responsible for the new wallet feed, spoke for all of us when she said: “I’m tearing up reading everyone’s responses. So much kindness! GoodDollar has the absolute best community.”

That’s the power of GoodDollar’s global membership. And that’s why we know we’re going to change the world for good.

Didn’t win this time? Keep claiming your G$s and keep an eye on social media and the wallet feed! There will be plenty of other opportunities in the future. 

And while you’re waiting for the next one, there are some incredible projects you can support right now with your G$s via the GoodGiveback.

Winning entries

Here are the five entries the GoodDollar team voted the most creative:

  • Calix G Gonzaga (@Gonzaga Calix): “If I won 1,000,000 G$, I would use my winning prizes for the important needs of my family, especially on the renovation of our beloved home.”
  • Roman Kryzhanovsky (@ramnzes17): “If I win 1,000,000 G$, I would send it to my friend Sergey in Kyiv (Ukraine), he and his family need it more.” 
  • Hùng Đỗ (@dohungtn83): “Nếu tôi giành được 1000000 G$,  tôi sẽ đầu tư trồng nhiều cây xanh quanh nhà” (Translation: “If I win 1,000,000 G$, I will invest in planting more trees around my house.”)
  • Bexi Delgado (@BexdelBexi): “At 69 years old I would fulfill my dream of traveling with my husband and grandson to Canaima National Park located in Bolivar State, Venezuela!”
  • XRPLghagz (@XRPLghagz8): “Anyone is surrounded by lots of questions to ponder about. If I were to be asked about what to do if I won 1,000,000G$ these are my comical answers based on my personal experiences in sustaining  life during financial crisis.” (This entry was a thread which began humorously and concluded with the writer’s true intention to buy more food and clothing for his family and to help provide medication for his sister. Read the submission in full here)

Congratulations to these members, who will each receive a cool GoodDollar tote bag.

We know you’ve been waiting, so here goes…

Our new G$ millionaire is…. 

@AlcalaChariza, with this short but very sweet intention: 

“If I won 1,000,000 G$, I would give some to my sister.” 

Your wish is granted. Enjoy!

P.S. As transparency is central to the GoodDollar ethos, Marketing Coordinator Meritxell Fernández recorded the random selection of the winning entry. It is available to view here.

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