GoodDollar is a not-for-profit funded by donations. This is not an IEO.

Do Good with Your Crypto

Using new products in decentralized finance enables you to earn yield while putting income directly in to the hands of people who need it most.

Leveraging An Open DeFi Ecosystem For Financial Inclusion & Access

  • Support GoodDollar through using your favorite yield protocols
  • Receive market rate interest payments in G$ coins
  • Every "stake" serves up basic income for others

How Staking With GoodDollar Works

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GoodDollar leverages an open smart contract defi ecosystem so you can "stake for good" and support GoodDollar though your mechanism of choice. You receive payouts in G$ coins. All value is used to expand and fortify the GoodDollar network (we take no fees!). Your funds are subject to the policies of the third-party protocol.


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