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Decentralizing Economic Opportunity

GoodDollar enables you to earn yield on your crypto while putting value directly into the hands of people who need it most. Learn More

See How We Use DeFi to Sustainably Fund Crypto UBI

GoodDollar wraps around yield-generating decentralized finance protocols. Those funds are used to mint a reserve-backed crypto-asset (G$), which is used for yield-payouts and distributed daily as basic income to users.

Currently Supporting

Sustainable Impact Model

Staking protocols and other new yield products make one-time gifts a thing of the past

Yield Payouts in G$

Supporters receive market-rate payouts in G$, enabling them to do well while expanding the pie for all.

Financial Flexibility

You can support GoodDollar across a range of protocols AND withdraw your funds whenever you want
(subject to the terms of the protocol)

Stake for Good through Your Favorite Protocol

GoodDollar wraps around autonomous decentralized finance staking protocols, so you can "stake for good" in your favorite protocol. You receive payouts in GoodDollars. All value is used to expand and fortify the GoodDollar network (we take no fees!).


Your funds are subject to the policies of the third-party protocol.

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How Staking With GoodDollar Works