Ten ways the GoodDollar community is growing, fast


This month, GoodDollar surpassed 400,000 members in 225 countries and territories.

What’s behind the tremendous growth?

The community! 

GoodDollar is, above all, a people-powered movement. The marketing team has spent $0 to date on social media marketing because GoodDollar believes in investing in people over paid promotion. So it is community  members who help onboard new joiners, fuel local G$ adoption and spread the word about economic opportunity for all. 

Spotlight on GoodDollar’s Ambassadors

These are the dedicated activists who play such a powerful role in making this all  happen.

Every week on Twitter and the community channels, GoodDollar announces the Ambassador of the Week. Now we take a step back to remind us all of everything they  have achieved – and to encourage other community heroes, to step into the spotlight by joining the Ambassador Program

  • Salvador Perez Valencia, Doctor of Social Economy, Spain.

Salvador was an obvious choice for Ambassador of the Week when he helped raise almost 1,814,707 G$ with the #GoodGiveback campaign and used it to pay the electricity bill for a local homeless shelter, Asociacion Ca La Mare. Salvador also has a strong interest in environmentalism and organic food production, and has spoken at many academic panels and local events to raise awarness around the GoodDollar and crypto Universal Basic Income movement. Find out more about this work on Twitter @voroperez.

  • Tadii Tendayi, CEO and founder of fintech startup Bitflex, Harare, Zimbabwe. 

Tadii is a serial web3 entrepreneur and advocate for digital financial literacy and Universal Basic Income. Fist, Tadii hosted a virtual workshop to onboard women to GoodDollar, teaching them how to connect to Metamask and how to use GoodSwap. He also used the funds from the GoodGiveback campaign to fund a year of school tuition for five children at a provincial school in Zimbabwe. Read more about his work promoting GoodDollar, and financial literacy more widely, here. You can find him on Twitter @BitFlexJack.

  • Andrés Munoz Quemba, economics student, Bogota, Colombia. 

Andrés has been a friend of GoodDollar since the early days. An Economics student, he uses his strong communications skills to teach new members how to get started with G$ and interact with the protocol. He’s also written several helpful  guidesin Spanish. Andrés was voted in to serve as a GoodDollar Community Moderator since February. You can connect with him on Twitter via the username @MunozQuemba

  • Javier Salomon, Founding Member of @Hyperledger, Cordoba, Argentina Spain. 

Javier, who joined GoodDollar from Argentina, took the award for his many contributions, which include hosting the first Spanish GoodDollar webinar and running the Spanish-language Twitter account. @javosalomon also nominated  ‘Fundacion Empate’  to the GoodGiveBack, helping to raise G$ to support sports and arts activities for autistic children in his community. 

  • Bertrand Juglas, technical engineer, France. 

Bertrand was named Ambassador of the Week for his work facilitating speedy donations to the Ukraine relief effort. But his contributions – far too numerous to list here – extend well beyond this. Bertrand has been offering his skills to the GoodDollar cause since 2020 and was recently awarded the honorary title GoodSir Bertrand in recognition of his outstanding impact. You can find him on Twitter @bjuglas 

  • Nguyễn Thành Vũ, Entrepreneur, Vietnam. 

Vũ gave away 1,000 G$ on March 8th to every woman in the Vietnamese Telegram group,  a wonderful way to mark International Women’s Day. It also gained him the Ambassador of the Week accolade. Vũ supports the highly active GoodDollar group in Vietnam. He is also Community Moderator for the Asian region and can be contacted for help with all things GoodDollar via Twitter @thanhvukg.

  • Glenn Palomino Saravia, Cartagena, Colombia.

Glenn says his goal is to change the world. He’s certainly making an impact with his digital economy  activism, dedicated to incorporating the good of GoodDollar in every corner he can reach. Glenn gained the title Ambassador of the Week when he registered 50+ new members at an event aimed at educating local supermarkets about exchanging GoodDollars for food. These affiliations are a powerful force for grassroots change! Thank you Glenn. You can connect with him on Twitter via the username @PalominoGlenn

  • Pedro from Spain. 

Pedro got the nod at the beginning of April for innovative initiatives. Pedro used his G$ to buy chickpeas and lentils through the GoodDollar Marketplace on Sharetribe. A shout-out also went to Salvador Perez (@voroperez), who then sold them from his organic coop, where he uses G$ to support a circular economy of fresh produce and recycling. Find his listing, and many others, in the GoodDollar Marketplace.

Khalil created the @GoodDollarArab Twitter account and the Telegram group https://t.me/GoodDollarArabic for the Arabic-speaking community. In recognition of his excellent work to promote GoodDollar and widen access, @KhalilJORD was named Ambassador of the Week on April 8. 

  • Progress Promise-Birah, Medical Laboratory Scientist, (@proz_b) and Charles Mayor (@EwuosoMayowa), Nigeria. 

Joint holders of the title at time of writing for organizing the first community airdrop in Nigeria. With individual rewards of up to G$ 10,000 up for grabs, the event attracted more than a hundred new GoodDollar users. 

Wow! So much work, so much love. Heartfelt thanks to all our Ambassadors. You inspire us every single day.

Cointelegraph is noticing these efforts, too.

The leading independent digital media resource, featured the GoodDollar Ambassador program in a recent article focused on successful grassroots initiatives and how they help broaden access to the digital economy.

Jessica Salama, GoodDollar Community Lead, cited the work of Ambassador Steve in Nigeria as a great example of the help being provided by community members for those beginning their crypto journeys. 

“He hosted local meetups at his university to help fellow students open their first digital wallets and begin learning Web3 and blockchain fundamentals,” she told Cointelegraph. “His initial gathering was the first blockchain conference ever held in his locality.”

In fact Steve, known online as StevE, FocusedSteve and Blissful Crown, became GoodDollar’sour very first Ambassador of the Week for organizing this conference back in January. 

Steve first gained experience as a volunteer moderator in GoodDollar’s official Telegram group and by being active in the GoodDollar Marketplace. In February, he was chosen by theour community to be an official Community Moderator and he continues to onboard people to GoodDollar and the Web3 ecosystem, passing on all the skills he’s gained.

Want to contribute? Join the GoodDollar Ambassador Community

And to those who haven’t yet engaged actively with the GoodDollar community: what are you waiting for? If you’re buzzing with ideas, have skills to share and would enjoy learning useful new ones, then do get in touch. Information about becoming an Ambassador can be found on our community page, along with a link to a short application form. 

We’d love to hear from you! And look out for our new monthly Ambassador recap, through which we will share more great stories of  crypto empowerment and community activism.

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