A record-breaking April as GoodDollar membership, claiming soar!


After a month that saw us hit new records in new members and active claimers – up by 282% and 270% on the month, respectively – it’s clear GoodDollar’s is on a roll!

Add to that the launch of our ambitious new roadmap, and we’re looking at serious progress in our mission to provide a digital basic income for all.

Since we know it’s all down to you, the GoodDollar community, we’re proud and excited to share this summary of  just some of the great things we achieved together in April.

Let us know what you thought of this month at GoodDollar at the end of this blog.

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On the road to a brighter future

April saw the launch of the new GoodDollar Roadmap, which sets out our direction for the next 12 to 18 months and paves the way for even greater growth in the ecosystem.

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We shared the initiatives and technological improvements that will make your G$ even more useful, put the GoodDAO on a path to self-governance, and establish new links between GoodDollar and the rest of the DeFI movement. 

Upgrades planned include the launch of a new in-wallet feed (see below); new in-app benefits and functionality; a shift to a multi-asset reserve; and expansion of functionality to lower-cost Layer 2 blockchains.

All these new features should ensure that even more DeFi users can discover and support the GoodDollar impact economy, more projects can build on us, and more people around the world can join the digital economy by claiming their daily G$.

You can dig deeper into these exciting plans here. And if you want to hear more and ask questions, please join Product Lead Patricia Pedrosa, Technical Lead Hadar Rottenberg and Protocol Lead Gustavo Segovia at a Twitter Space on Wednesday, May 11th, at 8 PM CET/2 PM EST. 

April by the numbers

GoodDollar Wallet

  • New Sign-Ups: 82,968 (282% increase)
  • New Claimers: 53,530 (270% increase)
  • Total Claims: 1,298,566 (8% increase)
  • Active claimers: 109,903 (61 % increase)
  • Transactions: 13,415 (201% increase)
  • Total Wallets: 506,000
  • Total Unique Claimers: 383,263
  • Total Territories: 225 (includes territories and countries)

G$ Token

  • G$ Price: 0.000195 (0.38% decrease )
  • G$ Distributed: 127,417,331 (34% increase)
  • USD Equivalent Distributed: USD 13,526.36 (19% increase)
  • Interest Generated: USD 339.86 ( 2% increase)
  • Market Capitalization: USD 1.248.181,66 (6,06% increase)

Numbers to date

  • Total G$ Distributed: 502,116,811.28
  • Total USD Equivalent Distributed: 82,903.62
  • Total Interest Generated: USD 14,944.54
  • Total Staked: USD 142,447.74

Top tips and rewards boost financial literacy message

April was Financial Literacy Month at GoodDollar and we celebrated with a great offer for members who invite others to join them in the digital economy. We increased the existing referral bonus tenfold – to 1,000 G$. And the invitee earns an extra 500 G$ just for accepting! Many of you made the most of this great chance, by sharing your crypto journey with friends, or by joining GoodDollar yourself.   

Since helping others learn about the digital economy is in our DNA, we also put out a call on social media for you to share the one tip you would offer crypto newbies. This resulted in an avalanche of wisdom, which we hope served to boost financial confidence and reassure beginners that the community is there to support and help. 

The five most popular tips on each of Twitter and Facebook earned their poster a 20,000 G$ reward. You can check out some of the favorites here

And we got a whole lot more love when we invited you to share what GoodDollar means to you, using just 3 emojis. The first 200 answers grabbed a 10,000 G$ reward!

Remember, we need to keep sharing the GoodDollar message beyond literacy month. Find out how to become a Good Friend with the GoodDollar referral program here.

Honoring GoodSir Bertrand

We love finding reasons to celebrate members of the GoodDollar community who go above and beyond. This month, we granted longtime supporter Bertrand Juglas, a French DevOps engineer, an honorary title in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the UBI mission. 

Among a long list of achievements, GoodSir Bertrand (as he’s now known) helped launch the first versions of Goodswap and GoodStaking, created the GoodDollarCommons Github repository and has served as a dedicated Ambassador within his community. 

When many of us were still reeling with shock at the civilian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, Bertrand displayed his trademark proactivity and found a way to quickly and safely support the Ukrainian relief effort. The multisig wallet he set up for UkraineDAO enabled the protocol to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies – including, of course, G$. Those of us who have sent G$ to Ukraine have Bertrand to thank.

GoodDollar making the news, leading the conversation

  • We were well-represented at Barcelona Blockchain Week (April 1-10) by team members Gustavo Segovia, Meri Fernández and Hadar Rottenberg. One discussion – “Web3 for Good: How can crypto deliver a Universal Basic Income” – seemed tailor-made for us!  
  • Hadar, GoodDollar Technical Lead, joined the “UBI in Action” panel at financial inclusivity conference Celo Connect 2022, also held in Barcelona at the start of the month. You can catch Hadar in action here.
  • GoodDollar is all about inclusivity, which is why GoodDollar Community Lead Jessica Salama was delighted to join other web3 changemakers taking part in Web3 Inclusivity Summit. GoodDollar was a proud sponsor of the virtual event, a first-of-its-kind gathering of web3 women, LGBTQ, non-binary and people of color founders, along with NFT and DAO leaders and investors, for two days of talks and panels.
  • Cointelegraph wrote about how GoodDollar’s focus on grassroots activism is broadening access to the digital economy. Ambassador and community moderator Steve (aka StevE, FocusedSteve, Blissful Crown) was interviewed about his work onboarding fellow university students and organizing a local blockchain conference in Nigeria. 
  • Community Hour: For this livestream series, our community expert Jessica explained how our ethos of giving crypto away simplifies the crypto journey for newcomers. See her spreading the GoodDollar message here.

Activism in Action

  • GoodDollar’s Gustavo Segovia kicked off a new Twitter Space by and for the Spanish community.
  • Ambassador @KhalilJORD launched the @GoodDollarArab Twitter account and also a Telegram group — https://t.me/GoodDollarArabic – for the Arabic-speaking community. 
  • There is now a dedicated site for the GoodDollar Indonesian Community to visit for updates.
  • Ambassadors organized the first community air drop for Nigeria, offering rewards of up to 10,000 G$ and gaining more than a hundred new users.

Let us know

Looking ahead: welcome to the new wallet feed

May began with a bang for GoodDollar with an overwhelmingly positive response to our new wallet feed and to our latest campaign: What would you do with 1 million G$?

Since our wallets are the main way most of us interact with GoodDollar on a regular basis, it’s no wonder our new feature caused such a stir! The new wallet feed will offer news and resources to help you make the most of GoodDollar and the digital economy. 

Sign up now if you haven’t already (android app users need to update to the latest version) and keep logging in so you don’t miss out.

Congratulations on a people-powerful April. Let’s see if we can set new records again in May!

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