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The Community asked, and the core team answered

The question of the day last week was “Ask us anything!” And you did!

The GoodDollar community has embraced the new wallet app content feed with huge enthusiasm. Not only did more than 7,000 people take part in the G$1,000,000 launch giveaway, but you have been clicking on the links in the feed and reading all the content.  

From here on out, members will be seeing a lot more information coming straight to the GoodDollar wallet. Since the goal of the feed is to shed light on the issues most important to our members, our content team went out to the community to ask what you’d most like to know about the protocol and how it all works. 

There were dozens of replies, but it turns out many of you had very similar questions. So here are the most frequently asked – with answers!

  1. How can I use my G$?
  • A growing number of local businesses and traders accept G$. Contact your regional GoodDollar Ambassador to find where you can spend your G$s.
  • Buy or exchange goods at the GoodDollar Marketplace. Sign up here.
  • Ask around to find community-led marketplaces where you can buy, sell and trade for G$. Your Good Dollar Ambassadors can help you here too
  • Donate to Ukraine_DAO, join our upcoming #GoodGiveBack campaign or keep in touch with the community to find other #GoodCauses.
  1. How do I withdraw G$?

G$ can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies via GoodSwap or on secondary markets (DEXes and CEXes). 

  1. How do I invite others to join GoodDollar?

Becoming a #GoodFriend and referring others to GoodDollar is one of the best ways to support our economic revolution. Even better, both you and your friend will receive a referral reward as soon as they’ve successfully signed up and claimed their first G$. It couldn’t be easier. You’ll find the invite link located directly in your wallet, and here’s a handy step by step guide to take you through the process.

  1. How can I help build the community?

If you’re reading this on your GoodDollar Wallet and claim every day then you’re already helping us build the community. So thank you!

Since GoodDollar is a people-powered impact economy, you can take advantage of all the other ways to build together:

  • You can stake which provides liquidity
  • Trade goods with friends and neighbors using G$
  • Get involved with the GoodDAO and help govern the protocol
  • Become an Ambassador for your region, get some web3 work experience, help onboard new members and be part of an awesome global community.
  1. Where do you see GoodDollar going in the future?

GoodDollar’s mission is to generate a sustainable, global Universal Basic Income (UBI) that can help bring an end to the extremes of economic inequality that exist today. 

Our updated roadmap sets out the path towards achieving this. Together, step by step, we will get there. 

Do you have more questions? Let us know

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