Up, up and away! GoodDollar hits new heights in May


May was a month of amazing growth, technical innovation and record highs at GoodDollar as community membership passed the 400,000 mark for the first time. 

New ambassadors joined, new communities were forged and usage of the new-look GoodDollar wallet soared up, up and away.

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Mobile app gets an upgrade: There was a red-hot reaction to the mobile app upgrade as the number of active wallets leapt by 186% the first week after launch. The best thing about the new version? A new content feed that will be regularly updated with fresh news and information.
DappRadar noticed the heat too, tweeting that GoodDollar’s “new mobile app release and easier onboarding caused an influx of users and increase in UBI claims.”

And May was only the start. GoodDollar’s talented product team, led by Patricia Pedrosa with Technology Lead Hadar Rottenberg, has big plans to widen wallet access, improve functionality and add exciting new features. 

Here are some of the projects they’re working on right this minute:

  • An iOS App for the wallet
  • An integration that will allow the community to translate content in the app
  • Making GoodSwap mobile-compatible
  • The ability to log in with the GoodDollar API, enabling developers, vendors and web2 or web3 projects to onboard GoodDollar users, verifying their uniqueness
  • An API to make it easier for merchants to take payment for goods and services using G$.

On launch day itself, GoodDollar members had the chance to enter a 1,000,000 G$ giveaway in return for telling the world how you’d spend your winnings. More than 7,300 of you took up the challenge, setting a new record for a single GoodDollar campaign!

Marketing Coordinator Meritxell Fernández used a random picker to select the overall winner, @AlcalaChariza, who said she planned to share some of the windfall with her sister. Five runners-up, selected by GoodDollar core team members for the creativity of their responses, received GoodDollar tote bags. 

What features would you like to see in the wallet next? Help the product team give you what you need by completing this quick survey. Pat has created a typeform for this

And if you’re interested in GoodDollar but haven’t yet opened a wallet, it’s easy and quick to sign up today. Don’t forget to check the app, stay up-to-date on news and claim your G$ regularly.

Want to learn a little more about how GoodDollar works? The team sought out the community’s most burning questions for that very reason. You can find answers to the top five here

GoodDAO updates at Community Meeting 04:  Protocol Community Lead Gustavo Segovia opened the May 25th meeting with a review of excellent progress made by the Community Moderators elected three months previously. A proposal to extend the moderator programme was discussed ahead of a forthcoming community vote. 

A proclamation proposal was next on the agenda, introduced by Gustavo on behalf of GoodDollar Limited. The GoodDAO Community Treasury Vision will provide the GoodDAO with USD $100k worth of G$ – funding that will be used for future initiatives to be devised and agreed by the GoodDAO. 

In May the GoodDAO also elected a new Community Treasury Steward. Please congratulate Spain’s Voro Perez. His impactful work as an Ambassador and his efforts to build the GoodDollar ecosystem made him an ideal candidate to ensure the community’s funds are correctly allocated. Read more about your new Steward here.

Are you asking yourself, what’s a GoodDAO? No problem! You are not alone. Get to grips with the basics in this straightforward explanation.)

May by the numbers:  

GoodDollar in the headlines:

  • Yoni Assia, eToro CEO and GoodDollar founder, sat down with The Defiant’s Robin Schmidt for an in-depth interview that focused on GoodDollar and digital UBI. Their conversation revealed how Yoni first came to realize the current financial system is “broken” and set about devising the blueprint for a workable way of delivering a universal basic income via crypto-economics. Listen and learn from a true visionary here.
  • GoodDollar’s recent progress, including the launch of V2, the new roadmap and  the surge in global membership, was reviewed in this informative Fuse article.
  • GoodDollar was represented at the ReFi Spring unconference in Portugal by Gustavo Segovia, who delivered a talk on “The Progressive Decentralization of GoodDollar and UBI Project Alliances.” Held in Portugal, the event centered on how regenerative finance and thoughtful land stewardship can bring about a more productive and sustainable future. 

Please welcome your newest GoodDollar Ambassadors: During May, GoodDollar shone a spotlight on the vital role played by members who’ve taken their dedication to the next level and become Ambassadors. This blog about just some of the amazing ways they grow and support the community makes for inspirational reading

And now let’s welcome the newest members of the tribe, onboarded last month: 

  • Mostafa and Tasin, Bangladesh
  • Christiane, Brazil
  • Saivignesh, India
  • Hamid, Iran
  • James, Tanzania
  • Akira, Myanmar
  • Bebet, The Philippines
  • Olihigbe, Nigeria
  • Jimena, Argentina.

A shout-out also to the team who organized the first-ever GoodDollar Nigeria Twitter Space: “My Crypto Journey”. This super-engaged team of ambassadors is planning another on June 10th, so don’t miss out!

Think you could be a #GoodInfluence too? Sign up for the Ambassador Program today! 

Put your hands together for these new team members: In May we welcomed Growth and Marketing Lead Tanya Dias. This new role reflects GoodDollar’s strong recent growth and the need to keep pushing forward with the mission to provide a people-powered basic income for all. Tanya, who originally comes from Sri Lanka, is based in London.

And a warm welcome also to Developer Advocate Noak, who is using his technical skills to onboard, mentor and support those looking to build on the GoodDollar platform.

Looking ahead to June

Crypto4Her: This month, GoodDollar will launch a major new campaign to help further the ongoing mission to rebalance gender inequity via the digital economy. 

Women in the developing world are often dismissed as an “informal workforce”, but they form the backbone of local communities, supporting their families and one another. In Africa and India, nine out of ten women are informal workers – part of a two-billion-strong global population that often has to struggle to thrive and lead in the current unbalanced economic and financial system. 

To ensure the success of the Crypto4Her Good Giveback campaign, we’ve enlisted the help of some of web3’s most prominent female leaders to advocate for projects to support women and girls around the world. Stay tuned for more information – and details of how you and your community can get involved!

Governing principles: The theme for June is “Governance”: the term used to describe how the GoodDollar protocol operates in accordance with its core values and goals. 

Throughout June, we’ll be sharing stories about how to get the most out of GoodDollar. And, of course, about the amazing people who make that happen.

We’ll see you in July!

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